All charges against ‘the Caledonia 8’ have been dropped – again


Behavioural patterns.

Patterns of abuse.

When will some authority – any authority – acknowledge a pattern of abuse and put an end to it?

Let me paint a picture for you of a very nasty pattern of abuse of authority which has targeted a specific citizens and his associates:

Imagine being arrested for ‘trespassing’ for walking down a public street.  While you are being arrested, you actually have proof with you that this is a county street – and therefore 100% it is public street, with no restrictions, so no act of trespassing is taking place.

In addition, since it is a county road and therefore not within the jurisdiction of the Ontario Provincial Police, even if someone were to trespass on it, these OPP officers would have no jurisdiction to arrest them for it.

But, the OPP are there in large numbers, heavily armed, and they arrest the small group of unarmed citizens anyway.

These citizens (including an army vet suffering from cancer) are handcuffed and driven off in OPP vehicles, processed and charged with trespassing.

They are forced to hire legal representation and appear in court.

Once they get to court – the group of citizens find all the charges against them have been withdrawn!


Because, as the prosecutor explains, there is no reasonable expectation that they would be found guilty…beause, well, they were on a public road where they had every right to be, and even had they been trespassing, the police officers who arrested them had no jurisdiction to do so…


Perhaps – in this one battle.

But, what if this happens over and over and over?

If the charges are withdrawn, these citizens have no opportunity to clear their name – and recover legal costs, much less damages!

And what does it say about our law enforcement agencies, that they are willing to perpetuate this abusive pattern of ‘catch-and-release’?!?!?

This is exactly what has been happening to Gary McHale.

Now, more and more citizens are standing with him, being arrested with him – and being released when the bogus charges against them are dropped!

Please, ask yourself:  should we, the people of Canada, tolerate this treatment of our citizens?

Just how badly is our system broken that such a lengthy pattern of this type of abusive of power can be established?

And exactly what can we, as citizens, do to stop this corruption?

How can we hold out authorities accountable?

Because we must – for all our sakes!