CBC uses copyright law to silence a blogger, BlazingCatFur, and its competitor, Sun Media

It is difficult to believe that CBC – the government owned and taxpayer subsidised media giant which dominates the Canadian airwaves – would use copyright laws in order to silence its critics.  After all, respectable journalists and honest media companies understand the danger censorship laws pose to our society in general and their existence in particular.

But, that is exactly what they are doing…

Sad, but true.

Draw your own conclusions about the CBC.

Daniel Hannan: The EU – Lost in Space

Slashdot: Do You Like Online Privacy? You May Be a Terrorist!

Here is another example of the Western governments’ war on its citizens.

Yes, war.

It sickens me that governments are now openly saying that if you shield your screen from the view of others, this makes you a terrorism suspect!

This creates precisely the type of environment where hacker-vigilaties will be not just tolerated, but positively embraced by a population that feels increasingly under attack by the very institutions created to ensure their individual rights.

Let’s not make any mistakes about it:  it is not Twitter and Google who are increasingly censoring us, the members of online communities.  Even though they facilitate access to the virtual world of the web, they are themselves physical corporations which exist in the real world, very much subject to the whims of real-world governments.

As such, they are subject to the arbitrary rules which various governments impose on corporations operating within their physical boundaries.

It is unreasonable for us to expect that these corporations will put the freedom on the internet above their ability to physically survive…

So, you may blame them for buckling – but don’t blame them for imposing the censorship itself:  the blame lies directly with our governments, our regulating bodies, and us, the citizens, who permit this encroachment!

The solution?

We must all fight to prevent all governments from usurping jurisdiction over the internet, the way they have been doing!


I don’t know.  Yes, I have been thinking about this for a long time, but there simply is no clear answer.

The easiest solution I suspect would be to continue the efforts to create alternatives to the ‘pipelines’ that ISPs use to deliver internet connections, but the more people try to solve this, the more actual attempts there are to make the web truly uncontrollable and impossible to be regulated by anyone or anything anywhere, the better chance there is of success.

So – keep your elective representatives responsible – and keep hacking!

Great news for the environment: plastic is now biodegradable!

Plastic is one of the most beneficial inventions in human history:  its impact on improving human health alone is quite amazing.

The problem with this amazing material was that it did not naturally decompose, so that it would fill garbage heaps and create a set of difficulties all of its own.  This has lead to countless lobyists vilifying plastic and trying to limit its use.  Taxes on shopping bags are just one small real-life result of the anti-plastic propaganda.

According to PCWorld, these worries are now a thing of the past!

‘This is the first fungus species, identified by the Yale researchers as Pestalotiopsis microspore, which exclusively subsists on polyurethane. It can also grow in an anaerobic (air-less) environment, which will hopefully allow it to take root in the deepest regions of our trash heaps. ‘


Making plastic a biodegradable material.

So, stop feeling guilty over this aspect of improving the human condition!

Is Canada in for a cabinet shuffle?

Will this scandal remove James Moore from the Ministry of Heritage?

It just might…