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The Libertarian Party of Canada has a nice, newly re-done website – well worth checking out!

Through the ‘resources’ section, I found a link to this interesting video:

OpenMedia: A Huge Public Outcry

An urgent message from OpenMedia:

This is big. Powerful lobbyists, working with their allies in government, have put forward what amounts to an unavoidable choke point for your Internet use: two bills aimed at Internet users, and a government decision about the future of Internet access.

If we don’t stop this set-up, you’ll have to deal with bigger bills, widespread warrantless surveillance, and restricted choice.

By signing an petition, you helped push back against new Internet restrictions and Big Telecom price-gouging. But these new challenges require more resources than ever to fight. Will you donate today so we can defend your rights? Your donation will empower the fight for an open and affordable Internet.

These three imminent threats will create an Internet choke point for Canadians, and they’re unfolding right now:

    1. Online Spying: The government has tabled their invasive spying plan (Bill C-30) to mandate that every Internet provider must hand “authorities” access to the private information of any Canadian, at any time, without a warrant1. Despite appearances the contrary, they are still pushing this through parliament.


    1. The Internet Lockdown: Through Bill C-11, Big Media lobbyists are seeking the power2 to compel telecom providers (who will now have surveillance capabilities) to cut Internet access for no good reason, remove or hide vast swaths of the Internet, and lock users out of their own services.


  1. The Cell Phone Squeeze: Big Telecom giants are lobbying the government to turn over control of mobile communications—which experts say are the future of Internet access—to just three giant companies3. This will lead to rising prices, even worse customer service, and more easily controlled surveillance.

Please contribute a few dollars now to help us stop this triple-threat of price-gouging, control, and warrantless surveillance.

With your help, we can put together an airtight, multifaceted plan that will turn government heads. Here’s what we’ll do with your support:

  • Launch a damning viral video that will turn up the heat on government.
  • Run pro-Internet ads targeting conservative politicians in swing ridings.
  • Unleash local, on-the-ground pressure, especially in major ridings.

This approach works. Two MPs have broken ranks4 already; now, we just need to nudge a few more over the fence. But we can’t do it without you.

Please stand with us by chipping in now. Anything helps.

With hope,

Steve and Lindsey, on behalf of your Team

P.S. We created a media sensation this week and your petition signature helped start it all! Your team here at has been run off our feet with media requests! Please chip in so we can keep up the pressure. We’ll report back on our progress to everyone that contributes.



[1] The Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario has written that the online spying bills could “undercut the future of freedom, innovation and privacy”

[2] Big Media is pushing for C-11 to include the power for courts to issue injunctions ordering ISPs to block access to websites. Many proposed amendments also include rules that mean accused (i.e. not necessarily convicted) “repeat infringers” could have their Internet connections terminated. The “enabler provision” may also be expanded in such a way that could be used to target legitimate websites that host user generated content. Those websites—including YouTube—could be penalized for hosting content that Big Media controls.

[3] Montreal Gazette: Spectrum auction called a threat to new entrants

[4] Conservative supporters, including some conservative MPs, have denounced the online spying bills.

Support is a non-profit organization that relies on donations from people like you to operate. Our small but dedicated team ensures even the smallest contributions go a long way to make your voice heard. Please donate today.

JotForm’s domain suspended for user-generated content

JotForm is a web company that lets people easily generate forms for whatever they need.  Now, their domain has been siezed and their site has been blocked in a SOPA-style action.  From the JotForm blog:

‘UPDATE: Many people on the comments assumed the content was posted by us. This can happen to any site that allows public to post content. SOPA may not have passed, but what happened shows that it is already being practiced. All they have to do is to ask Godaddy to take a site down. We have 2 millions user generated forms. It is not possible for us to manually review all forms. This can happen to any web site that allows user generated content.’

(Emphasis added by me.)

So, here we have yet another confirmation that despite of SOPA itself having been scrapped, the practices it was normalizing already exist and are being followed by state agents.

This is outrageous on so many levels…and yet, it is even worse on the other side of the pond

We must shine the light under all these proverbial rocks, or we’ll be overrun by the creepy-crawlies!