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Freedom Press Canada Symposium – Gary McHale

Diversity for the Sake of Diversity: a 14-year-old’s rant

Here is a most excellent rant by a 14-year-old of my acquaintance:

Diversity. It sounds pretty good in theory, right? Lots of cultures and ideas coming together to get the best out of all of them. However, due to each culture’s history, some jobs attract different classes of people more. Office jobs often attract lots of white people, mostly males, basketball has a lot of African-Americans, and so on. That’s ok. People can do what they want. However, some people decided that everyone needs to be so politically correct that they not only avoid using derogatory terms, but actually make sure that they get a certain amount of visible minorities in certain jobs.


Why? That makes about as much sense as going through each box of Smarties and making sure each has an equal number of each coloured Smarty. There’s so much political correctness going around that even if you meant no harm, if you accidentally say something someone somewhere might find offensive, you can get sued for thousands of dollars by people who aren’t even the offended party, and they don’t even give that money to those who are offended.


When you own a corporation, you need to make sure you have at least a certain number of visible minorities working for you, or else the PC police get all up in your jimmies. Let’s say you start a company with lots of computers involved. Let’s say when going through your applications, you hire the best people for the job, ignoring their race. Then when they show up for work, they’re all white males. You now need to look in the applications for the next best application of people who are also visible minorities, even skipping the application of a boring white male who is better qualified. All this so you don’t seem racist to the PC (Politically Correct) police. Do you see the problem? You need to hire people NOT by how qualified they are, but how qualified they are AND their race/gender. That is almost a textbook example of racism or sexism. You need to be a bigot to look like you’re not a bigot!


And this is no small issue; this is a huge problem. You don’t really hear people talking about this in public, and that is because they don’t want to be sued. This is holding back freedom of speech, while taking lots of time and money to ensure people follow regulations. Not many people even know that this is a problem.


So you see, diversity is not always so good. Especially when it’s enforced. In fact, it is counter-productive a lot of the time, and puts a huge metaphorical boulder on everyone’s back. Toss away the boulder, get a back massage, work on your posture, and choose your employees based on skill, not race or gender.

Pat Condell: There’s no racist like a liberal racist

Just to underline just how correct Pat Condell is in his assessment of ‘Progressives’ – one just recently published a study describing just how racist the Israeli Defense Forces were.

The hypothesis went something like this:  IDF soldiers are racist against Palestinians and show their contempt by raping Palestinian women.

Then, there was much going about and collecting evidence to support this hypothesis:  except there was one slight problem….the Pallywood propaganda about IDF soldiers frequently raping Palestinian women was eactly that – propaganda, with no factual basis.

But – the ‘study’ was underway?  How is a ‘Progressive Intellectual’ to salvage this situation?

The answer is really quite clear, isn’t it:  RACISM!!!!

That’s right – racism.

The IDF soldiers are SOOOOOOO ‘racist’, they consider Palestinian women SOOOOOO ‘below’ them, they won’t even stoop to raping them!!!

I wish this were not true…but it is.

Pat Condell: Patronising the Palestinians

Ending race-based policing in Ontario – let us hope we are one step closer

I received an email which I would like to reproduce in its (almost) entirety, because it not only speaks for itself, it also includes the most-important links….and, it does raise a ray of hope!

Here it is, in its (almost) entirety (I only redacted a phone number):

1. Just days after our Queen’s Park news conference –‘Ending Race-Based Policing: The Caledonia Act\,’ – where we were joined by speakers from the pro-Israel Never Again Group and the International Free Press Society,  MPP Toby Barrett has issued a call for strong action re the Caledonia occupation, and praised our efforts and ideas for reaching a resolution…

“Barrett credits Gary Mchale and CANACE for keeping the issue alive in the media and in the limelight, suggesting a lot of McHale’s ideas have been ‘pretty good’.” They include having more oversight from the Ontario Ombudsman with respect to the OPP and more protection for whistleblowers in the Police service.


It was Toby Barrett who made the Queen’s Park Media Studio available for our news conference, as he has done in the past.
2. You can read the Caledonia Act recommendations here:
3. See also Occupy Caledonia will be six years February 28
This is the first time that Toby has publicly complimented our work to the media, and we hope it is a sign of good things to come.
Thank you Toby.
Mark Vandermaas 

All charges against ‘the Caledonia 8’ have been dropped – again


Behavioural patterns.

Patterns of abuse.

When will some authority – any authority – acknowledge a pattern of abuse and put an end to it?

Let me paint a picture for you of a very nasty pattern of abuse of authority which has targeted a specific citizens and his associates:

Imagine being arrested for ‘trespassing’ for walking down a public street.  While you are being arrested, you actually have proof with you that this is a county street – and therefore 100% it is public street, with no restrictions, so no act of trespassing is taking place.

In addition, since it is a county road and therefore not within the jurisdiction of the Ontario Provincial Police, even if someone were to trespass on it, these OPP officers would have no jurisdiction to arrest them for it.

But, the OPP are there in large numbers, heavily armed, and they arrest the small group of unarmed citizens anyway.

These citizens (including an army vet suffering from cancer) are handcuffed and driven off in OPP vehicles, processed and charged with trespassing.

They are forced to hire legal representation and appear in court.

Once they get to court – the group of citizens find all the charges against them have been withdrawn!


Because, as the prosecutor explains, there is no reasonable expectation that they would be found guilty…beause, well, they were on a public road where they had every right to be, and even had they been trespassing, the police officers who arrested them had no jurisdiction to do so…


Perhaps – in this one battle.

But, what if this happens over and over and over?

If the charges are withdrawn, these citizens have no opportunity to clear their name – and recover legal costs, much less damages!

And what does it say about our law enforcement agencies, that they are willing to perpetuate this abusive pattern of ‘catch-and-release’?!?!?

This is exactly what has been happening to Gary McHale.

Now, more and more citizens are standing with him, being arrested with him – and being released when the bogus charges against them are dropped!

Please, ask yourself:  should we, the people of Canada, tolerate this treatment of our citizens?

Just how badly is our system broken that such a lengthy pattern of this type of abusive of power can be established?

And exactly what can we, as citizens, do to stop this corruption?

How can we hold out authorities accountable?

Because we must – for all our sakes!

John Robson interviews Gary McHale about the events at Caledonia