The ‘Filter Bubble’

There is a most brilliant (and relatively short) TED Talk – a must see for anyone who uses a search engine.

Slowly but surely, most search engines and social networks are tracking each of our histories and editing out things they think we would not like.  This means that searching for identical keywords can produce vastly different search result for different people – which is fine, IF we could ‘opt out’ (at least some of the time)…but most of us don’t even know this is happening!

This, in my never-humble-opinion, is a problem.  And it is the topic of the above mentioned TED Talk by Eli Pariser – he refers to it as ‘the filter bubble’.

He raises a lot of good questions.

One possible answer to at least one of these questions is a search engine that markets itself with proud claims that it will not bubble or track you! If you have not heard of them, take a peek at DuckDuckGo.

While on the topic of technology, Michael Geist has been doing some important work reporting on the Digital lock dissent.  He has also posted a most excellent ‘link-library’ to help people support their arguments when they try to dispell the myths the digital lockers are promulgating.

H/T:  Tyr