Feeling Dehydrated? Don’t say that drinking water may be beneficial – in the EU, you could go to jail for that…

OK – the idiotcracy that is the EU has been my pet peeve for a long time now.

Having been born in what is now the EU, I ‘get an earful’ about how things went from ‘optimistically enthusiastic’ to ‘pre-WWI-Austrian-bureaucracy-induced-paralysis’ (my great-grand-father lived to almost 100 years of age and he used to tell us, kids, the stories – plus I read ‘The Castle’).

This, however, takes the cake!

According to the EU, after a ‘multi-year-study’ by 21 ‘scientists’, ‘there is no evidence that drinking water may prevent dehydration!?!?!

Whom the {insert expletive of choice} are they using as ‘scientists’?  The IPCC quacks?

Oh, and if you make a claim to the contrary, you just might face a 2-year jail term

The EU has systematically stripped away the ability of citizens within the EU zone to affect the laws.  The EU bureaucrats have methodically and systematically replaced democratic processes and constitutional civil rights guarantees with bureaucrat-designed-and-implemented rules which, once drafted by the bureaucrats, even the elected members of the EU Parliament are unable to prevent from being enacted:  the best they can hope for is to delay the implementation for a few months!

This is yet another glimpse of the disconnect with reality among the ruling bureaucrats and the actual physical world.

Abolish the EU now, IF you still can!!!

And all of us living in North America:  we need to increase our vigilance against the NA zone (which would mirror the EU zone), which can be glimpsed in acts such as SOPA….

When reason and the scientific method are thrown out the window are thrown out the window in favour of some ideological ideals (be they religious or secular – it does not matter at this level), it signal the type of corruption which sounds the death-knoll for society and ushers in an era of oppression of individuals in the name of these ideological ideals.

It’s happened before.

It has started again.

Let’s not let it come to fruition!

A little bit of humorous poetry: Tim Minchin’s ‘Storm’