Defending Freedom of Speech

OK – this is tough for me to admit:  I actually agree with something the McGuinty government’s policy on something!

Whenever this happens, I check my position – again and again…and I did so here.  Still, it is inevitable that even a government as misguided as McGuity’s will, eventually, get something right!

So, what is this singular policy of the McGuinty regime that I support?

It is their curriculum on sexual education, of course.

By the time they are 5 or 6 years of age, each and every child should be fully aware of the scientific facts surrounding reproduction – as well as of the effects sex hormones have on brain development, including all forms of atypical hormonal effects.


Because shortly after this age, a third phase of sex-hormone-driven brain differentiation will take place.  This third phase (the first take place in utero, the second shortly after birth) is, perhaps, the most nuanced in that it will greatly emphasize the gradations that demonstrate the continuity – rather than discreetness – in the gender ‘category’.

In other words, the more science we know, the less able are we to define what is ‘male’ versus what is ‘female’.

The old ‘X’ and ‘Y’ chromosome convention simply fails, especially when we have ‘XX’ individuals with external presentations as ‘male’ and ‘XY’ individuals with external presentations as ‘female’.  And don’t even get me started on ‘XXY’ individuals, who can present as either male or female – and who are fully capable of reproducing as such.  Then there are ‘XXXY’ males, who are typically unusually prone to cruelty and violence.

In addition to these many variations along the line between male and female, there are numerous hormonal effects that have nothing to do with the genetic makeup but with maternal health during pregnancy, which will also affect the hormone-caused brain differentiation:  the variations here are numerous – and all are shown to become more prominent (and more consciously comprehended by the individuals affected) in this age-group.

Of course, this does not account for more typically male/female ‘reasoning’ associated with non-hormonal effects, but, say, things like Aspergers’ syndrome and other perfectly naturals states of being!  Those effects, too, become acutely felt at this stage of development.

In other words, I think it is essential that, at the latest by grade 1, sex education must inform children that ‘male’ and ‘female’ are cultural constructs of convenience, which nobody really properly fits in – and that this is natural and normal.  (I would add to this that we should all boycott all events, cultural or sports, that continue to differentiate against individuals based on this artificial and unnecessary group construct – but, then again, I have a deeper sense of fairness than most people!  After all, a person’s a person, no matter where they fall in the ‘sexual differentiation’ continuum…)

Having explained my position, it will, perhaps, be clear just how abhorrent and irrational I find the advertisement that Sun media is running – and which has got a lot of people up in arms – for the right and the wrong reasons.

What I find even more abhorrent is the tactics employed by some opponents of this ad in order to intimidate and silence those who made the ad, approved the ad and aired the ad!!!

Having said this, here is a link to Brian Lilley talking about – and showing – the ad in question!

Nothing is more essential in a society than preserving the freedom of speech.  I find this speech particularly foolish and destructive – but, I will fight to the death for the people who made the ad and paid for it to be aired to be able to do freely speak their foolish minds!!!

To do anything less would be standing by and not stopping evil – and we know where that leads!

The ends never justify the means.  To the contrary:  the means define the ends!

If we permit evil methods to pervail, even when they are employed to oppose an evil, destructuve message, we have already lost the war!