Missouri judge rules in favour of warrantless GPS surveillance

From WiredNews:

‘The ruling, upholding federal theft and other charges, is one in a string of decisions nationwide supporting warrantless GPS surveillance. Last week’s decision comes as the Supreme Court is expected to rule on the issue within months in an unrelated case.’

It seems that ‘expectation of privacy’ is dwindling so much that pretty soon, there will be no expectation of privacy for anyone, anywhere!

Just how far will we permit ‘big brother’ to stretch the ‘no expectation of privacy’?

Let’s see just how close to zero expectation of privacy we actually are, right now:

  • We  do not have it when walking around in public, as the use of surveilance cameras is being supplemented by a growing fleet of unmarked back-scatter X-ray vans roaming the urban streets.
  • We do not have it in our cars – either the built-in GPS system (like OnStar) can be accessed by ‘big brother’ or ‘big brother’ can add his own, as the above ruling shows.
  • We no longer have it in any form of electronic communication, as laws like SOPA and PIPA make warantless surveilance of all electronic communication the norm, thus removing any expectation to privacy in anything one does online, including VOIP phone calls.
  • US citizens do not have an expectation of privacy in their homes, as the courts there have ruled (I think I blogged it at the time) that using high-tech surveillance tools (including infrared detectors to monitor the movement of individuals inside the home) is perfectly legal as long as the tools are used outside of the home.

Where is left?

Truly and honestly, where do we have left where we enjoy ‘expectation of privacy’?!?!?

When you have no place left where you have ‘an expectation of privacy’, does this mean that the government has the right to monitor your every move, 24/7/365?

Is this truly the society we wish to build?

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