VictimlessCriminal: Religion is The Great Hijacker


One of my favourite YouTubers has re-surfaced, with a whole crop of most excellent videos!

VictimlessCriminal has brought us videos that warn of how the Lisbon Treaty lists pedophilia as a grounds on which a person may not be discriminated against,  Islam’s attitude towards women and now, he has turned to looking at religions in general.

I cannot immediately find his videos from a few years ago, but he does have a latest series out, entitled ‘Religion is The Great Hijacker‘.  His goal is not to argue agains belief in divine beings or indeed in trying to draw a distinction between theists and atheists.  He states that, having been on both sides of that division, he regards it as more artificial than we would all like to think…

Rather, what he wants to do is to shine a light at what part of the human experience had been hijacked by religions and used to enforce its dogma, in order that we can take ownership of what is rightly ours.

Part 1:  Introduction

Part 2: Bankruptcy

Part 3:  Morality

Part 4:  Sin

Part 5:  Confession

Part 6:  The Soul

Part 7:  Comfort

Part 8:  Justice

Part 9:  Miracles

Part 10:  Charity

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