We need a separation between the UN and Islam

We, in the West, have taken for granted that there should be a separation between The State (government) and religious organizations.  This is, in no way, a universal sentiment.

To the contrary:  throughout human history, tyrants have relied on religious control over their populace to stay in power.  In the dawns of our civilization, we had ‘priest kings’, individuals who held the reins of State and religion firmly within their grasp.  Up until quite recently, European monarchies accepted the authority of the Catholic Pope to be the Kingmaker:  these mutually supporting tyrannies effectively enslaved the population.  It was not until the development of religious plurality in Europe that these shackles were broken and the age of enlightenment and reason brought us the modern era of prosperity and freedom.

It would indeed be difficult to argue that had we not rejected the collusion of State and Religion, we would be enjoying our current standard of living.

Yet, we must never forget that separation of State and Religion is the exception, not the rule in human societies.  Even today.

Therein lies the peril in ‘world government’ schemes, like the United Nations.

Because secular governments built on the consitutional democracy principle represent a minority of human population, it would be unreasonable to expect any government which is representative of all the world to reflect this minority trend.

This is why we should not be shocked by UN’s attempts to pass anti-blasphemy laws.

Since religious control over government is the norm, not the exception, it is not surprising that religions from outside the constitutional democracies would be jockeying for control over the UN.  And, since they are the only ones in the race, it ought not be surprising that they are indeed succeeding.

Islam, of course, forms the largest ‘block’ in this effort:  it really is only a question of time before Sharia will be imposed by the UN on all its member states.

Does this sound too far fetched?

Please, consider the following:  in the latest ‘Army Day Military Parade’, the Ayatollahs in Iran paraded UN military vehicles as part of their State military equipment.

Time to leave the UN – unless it is already too late!

VictimlessCriminal: Religion is The Great Hijacker


One of my favourite YouTubers has re-surfaced, with a whole crop of most excellent videos!

VictimlessCriminal has brought us videos that warn of how the Lisbon Treaty lists pedophilia as a grounds on which a person may not be discriminated against,  Islam’s attitude towards women and now, he has turned to looking at religions in general.

I cannot immediately find his videos from a few years ago, but he does have a latest series out, entitled ‘Religion is The Great Hijacker‘.  His goal is not to argue agains belief in divine beings or indeed in trying to draw a distinction between theists and atheists.  He states that, having been on both sides of that division, he regards it as more artificial than we would all like to think…

Rather, what he wants to do is to shine a light at what part of the human experience had been hijacked by religions and used to enforce its dogma, in order that we can take ownership of what is rightly ours.

Part 1:  Introduction

Part 2: Bankruptcy

Part 3:  Morality

Part 4:  Sin

Part 5:  Confession

Part 6:  The Soul

Part 7:  Comfort

Part 8:  Justice

Part 9:  Miracles

Part 10:  Charity