From the ‘Cops Behaving Badly’ Files

How about Christopher Lloyd?

In February 2006, he drove to his ex-wife’s home and shot her new husband 24 times – in self defense!!!

Where were all the politicians then, who are now so upset about people being shot in self-defense?!?!?

How do you even shoot somebody 24 times -with a gun and bullets, not ‘shoot with a camera’ – and have the gall to call this ‘self defense’?

Well, officer Lloyd did just that – but did not really get into trouble over it.

Now, working for a different police department in the Chicago area, officer Lloyd is in trouble again – it seems he had beaten up a teenager for having an untucked shirt…

Oh, yeah, he is also accused of raping a woman while smothering her with a pillow…

Gee, with cops like these, who needs bad laws?

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