MEMRI TV: Activists Arrested in Mauritania after Burning Islamic Jurisdiction Books Legitimizing Slavery

Of course, Mauritania is not the only place where slavery is still practiced.

After all, Muhammad was a slave holder and a slave trader, so it is not surprising that pious Muslims consider slavery to be ‘sunna’, or ‘in the way of Muhammad’ – whom their religion requires they emulate.

Sex slavery?

An integral part of Islam over the centuries – and even now.

If you think this could only happen in backward places and never in ‘Western’ countries, please, remember the case of the Muslim in the US who was charged with keeping a sex-slave:  he argued that his arrest and prosecution was ‘religious discrimination’, because it is an integral part of his religious practices.  (Sorry – I looked for 2 hours or the link to the few newspaper articles about this case from when it happened a few years ago  – it seems to have dropped off the search engines…if you find it, please let me know and I will update the post!)

What we often don’t hear about is the nasty element of racism that permeates the Islamic practice of slavery:  just like the English word for ‘slavery’ is based on the word ‘Slav’, the Atabic word for a black person also means ‘a slave’.  (Arabic has more than one word for ‘slave’.)

What is happening in Africa right now is as much about religious persecution of non-Muslims (Christians included – but it is by no means limited to Christians) as it is about racial clensing:  the large-scale slaughter of black Africans by Arab Africans.  (Yes, we got a tiny glimpse into this when some reports leaked through during the Arab Spring about Libyans massacring black workers – but the context was usually lacking in the reports so people could not really understnd the significance of this.

We are often told by Islamist apologists that Muhammad did not like slavery – that one of his very first followers was a man whom he freed from slavery because he could not stand to watch this travesty…

Sure, he did do that:  he freed an Arab who had been a slave to another slaver by trading him a black man in exchange for the Arab!!!

Because what outraged Muhammad was not that a man should be enslaved – but that an Arab should be!  He had no difficulty with blacks being slaves, or Jews, or, for that matter, Slavs:  he is said to have kept a Christian Slavic girl as a sex-slave:  which prompted the centuries of hunting young Slavic girls as slaves for Muslim men, so they could emulate Muhammad.

Make no mistake:  Islam not only sanctions slavery, it actively promotes it .

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