TorrentFreak: BitTorrent Piracy Boosts Music Sales, Study Finds

What sets this academic study apart from the rest?

Larger sample size and more accurate data.

The music industry claims that albums which are leaked prior to their release cause them the greatest financial loss:  this study demonstrates that this is simply not true:

‘However, according to the research, sales may actually be hurt by going after these [file sharing] sites. Hammond’s findings suggest that piracy itself acts as a form of advertising similar to radio play and media campaigns, where more downloads result in a moderate increase in sales.’

Let’s not hold our breath hoping for the recording industry will admit its error…

2 Responses to “TorrentFreak: BitTorrent Piracy Boosts Music Sales, Study Finds”

  1. Derek Says:

    Just curious, Xan. What are the odds of someone being caught pirating?

    I currently believe that we are all more likely to be fatally injured in a car crash than to pirate (as long as it is downloading and not uploading), but we aren’t refusing to drive? Am I wrong or right?

    Xan says:

    That is probably true.

    For now…

    The problem is more basic than ‘getting caught’: it is criminilizing activity that majority of the population participates in. Any society that does that will breed contempt for all laws and eventually decay as law and order are undermined.

  2. Derek Says:

    than to get caught*

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