Successful splashdown for SpaceX Dragon space capsule

Well, this sounds promising!

‘It took half a tonne of food and supplies up to the ISS astronauts, and brought down about two-thirds of a tonne of completed experiments and redundant equipment.

A successful recovery of the capsule and its contents will trigger a $1.6bn (£1bn; 1.3bn-euro) contract with the US space agency (Nasa) for 12 further re-supply trips.’

SpaceX is demonstrating that a private company can do what a national government can, except better and cheaper.

So, why do we stll trust the government to deliver really important programmes, like, say, education and healthcare?

One Response to “Successful splashdown for SpaceX Dragon space capsule”

  1. letterstoadyingdream Says:

    Because without the government we might have to do something ourselves rather than convince a politician to steal someone else’s money and give it to us in exchange for votes. Wait sorry I meant corporations, something, something, exploitation, something something, divide by zero something, something, you’re a racist…

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