The Economist: ‘Why business needs people with Asperger’s syndrome, attention-deficit disorder and dyslexia’

An excellent article on some of the roles best filled by us, Aspies – even if it does have a bit of a sting in the tail…

Software firms gobble up anti-social geeks. Hedge funds hoover up equally oddball quants. Hollywood bends over backwards to accommodate the whims of creatives. And policymakers look to rule-breaking entrepreneurs to create jobs. Unlike the school playground, the marketplace is kind to misfits.’


Aside:  both my sons attended a school with a program for the most gifted kids (one of only two such schools in Canada’s capital region).  It was a large school and typically, there were 7 to 8 classes per grade (grades 7/8), only one of which was ‘gifted’. Having an Asperger’s diagnosis is seen as a bit of a status-symbol there…my younger son, shortly after his diagnosis, even got asked not to boast about it because he was making the other children feel inadequate for not being Aspies!  I guess this school playground was kind to misfits…

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