Time for Canada to leave the UN

I know I’ve said this before, in many ways and in many posts but it is tome for Canada to de-fund and leave the UN altogether.  Our membership in this organization filled with theocrats, dictators and other thugs lends it an unearned air of legitimacy and respectability.

Time to get out!

I’m glad that others have begun to speak up as well!


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Yes – ‘Section 13’ gets the ax!

For those of you who are unaware of what ‘Section 13’ is:  it is the ‘hate speech’ clause in Canada’s Human Rights Act   which makes it illegal to say things which have the potential to offend somebody.

‘Section 13’ had been used to stifle free speech to the point where people were handed lifetime bans to even speak to friends about certain topics on which they did not hold ‘politically correct’ views.

‘Section 13’ – and how it was used to silence legitimate criticism – is a big reason why I had started this blog in the first place.

Now, the largest step towards ridding ourselves of this selective gag order has been taken:

‘Canada is freer today than it was yesterday.

The federal government has just voted to repeal Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act. While the bill still has to pass a Senate vote, Canadians likely now have permission to speak more freely.’


UPDATE:  now, with video…


Iran’s “Fifth Column” Targets Canadian Schoolchildren

This is an important article in Huffington Post by David B. Harris which documents how children in Canada’s Capital – under the auspices of the Ottawa Carleton District School Board – are being taught propaganda straignt from Iran-sponsored textbooks:

‘Several of the course’s Farsi language textbooks — authorized by Iran’s Ministry of Education, bearing the Islamic Republic’s crest, and the motto “Teaching and learning is worship” — were obtained by parents and given to this blogger: They feature prominent photographs of Ayatollah Khomeini, one showing Khomeini giving a grandfatherly cuddle to a young boy. Khomeini — who killed hundreds of thousands of citizens, installed torture chambers, hunted Bahais, and sent children into the Iran-Iraq War meat grinder, adorned in burial shrouds and carrying plastic keys to paradise — is referred to as “The Kind Imam,” according to the latter book’s caption’

The books come complete, with virulent anti-semitic propaganda, labeling non-believers and dogs as ‘unclean’ and praise for Islamic martyrdoom.  It even has an illustrated story of a young hero who strapped explosives to himself and jumped under a tank to blow it up…

Lovely things to be teaching our kids…

More from the article:

‘Into the disgraceful public school situation, however, came a voice of conscience: Shabnam Assadollahi, award-winning journalist and human rights worker. An Ottawa immigrant settlement counsellor who had survived as a 16-year-old political prisoner in Tehran’s notorious Evin prison, Assadollahi managed to escape to Canada. She recognized the text books as extensions of Tehran’s efforts to groom a Fifth Column in our midst, and did her duty by her adoptive country, repeatedly remonstrating with Board and school officials about the books — without noticeable result.

Assadollahi even reported the issue to the RCMP, which seemed not to have accelerated things. For two years — as Ottawa children were exposed to Iran’s textbook poison — officials avoided meaningful action, perhaps preoccupied by the risk of political and career embarrassment, and the possibility of alienating Iran’s embassy and the increasingly influential, immigration-driven demographic of radical parents. Finally, the use of the offensive books quietly ended in 2011.’


Just lovely…

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