What do you do if terrorists killed your family?

Unfortunately, I know someone in that situation…

His wife, daughter and son were all killed in a terrible terrorist attack.

I suspect that if I were in that position, I would simply crumple up and die inside – and, perhaps, outside.

Yet, one Canadian doctor turned his personal tragedy around and founded a way to make his family’s memory live on through his charitable work.

He is a true-life hero.

On Saturday, 23rd of June, 2012, at Andrew Haydon Park in Ottawa, from 11am to 5pm, all kinds of people from Ottawa will be donating food and their efforts in an Indian Food Fair fundraiser for his charities.

He delivers the charity himself – so, if you want to contribute to help the poorest of the poorest in this world without needing to worry about fraud taking a huge chunk of your contributions, this is your chance!

Or, if you love Indian food and want the best, most authentic Indian food ever – this is your opportunity!!!

Or, if you just want to come for the multicultural fun and drop a looney or twooney into the donation box, this is your chance!!!

I, for one, would not miss if for the world!

Irish Filmmaker Nicky Larkin tells the truth about Israel…

UPDATE:  Here are my thoughts on the movie – it sucks!

Brought to you by the Free Thinking Film Society.

Ottawa:  18th of June, 2012, 7 pm, Library & Archives Canada

Montreal:  19th of June, 2012, 7 pm, Chabad of the Town, 4054 rue Jean-Talon Ouest

Toronto:  20th of June, 2012, 7:30 pm, 15 Hove Street * Toronto

For more information on the Montreal and Toronto events, please contact chershon@bnaibrith.ca

About the movie:

‘Irish filmmaker Nicky Larkin went to Israel to make the standard “Israel is Evil” documentary, but had a change of heart once he started filming. Here’s your chance to meet Nicky in person, see his documentary and hear why he changed his mind about Israel.

“Israel is a refuge — but a refuge under siege, a refuge where rockets rain death from the skies. And as I made the effort to empathise, to look at the world through their eyes. I began a new intellectual journey. One that would not be welcome back home.

The problem began when I resolved to come back with a film that showed both sides of the coin. Actually there are many more than two. Which is why my film is called Forty Shades of Grey. But only one side was wanted back in Dublin. My peers expected me to come back with an attack on Israel. No grey areas were acceptable.’

Here is what Vlad Tepes has to say about Nicky Larkin:

‘Here’s a film maker who has chosen to walk a lonely path in Ireland’s artist community, due to his awakening to the truth behind the Arabs’ conflict with Israel, which speaks greatly of his courage and moral compass. He’s been confronted with a reality that runs counter to the one carefully prepared for him by his peers and society at large.

Nicky Larkin not only challenges himself, but his countrymen as well, by sharing this completely different Irish perspective on the conflict. It’s a perspective rarely discussed in Ireland, let alone mulled over, which speaks greatly of the vice-grip hold anti-Israel forces have on that society. Larkin’s efforts offer a ray of hope that rational and reasonable debate on the conflict is indeed possible in Ireland, lets hope that his colleagues take up the challenge.’

There will be a Q&A with the filmmaker following the screening:  it promises to be a very interesting evening!

Muslim Brotherhood in America – the course

It is difficult to understand the impact of much of the news we hear if we lack the context in which to evaluate it.  While I have educated myself on Islam and even early Middle Eastern history in order to better understand the cultural context which gave rise to this major world religion.

Still, this does not mean that I understand all the intricacies of the modern network of Muslim organizations.  Without understanding this, how can I recognize the difference between truly moderate Muslim voices (whom we need to help be heard) and shameless fronts for Islamists?

The ‘litmus test’ I usually use is ‘Sharia’:  Muslims who have attempted to escape Sharia tend to be moderate voices of reason while Muslims who support Sharia, by definition, wish to impose their religious views onto their neighbors….  This may be a good ‘rule of thumb’, but it does not help me understand the complexities of the various Muslim organizations in North America.

Here is something that might help get one started:  a 10-part course about the history and activities of Muslim Brotherhood in America.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Part 6:

Part 7:

Part 8:

Part 9:

Part 10: