The Nicky Larkin movie about the Israel-Palestine conflict sucks

OK – I apologize:  I publicized the screening of this thing.

I take it back.

I really really really looked forward to seeing it.  Unusually, even my hubby was interested in seeing it.

So, we went.

The movie place was packed.

There was an expectant hum in the audience!

Fred’s introduction only built up the excitement!!!

Then, the filmmaker – Nicky Larkin himself – told us he could not stand to watch the movie again and went out for a beer.

That should have been a hint…

But, we were excited and wanted to see this fresh new balanced view of the Israel-Palestine conflict!

The movie opened up well enough, but then the narration started.  The sound seemed muffled – sort of like listening to someone speak through a really poor-quality speaker at a drive-through place.  Honestly, I still don’t know what language that narration was in – and I do speak a few… Perhaps it was Hebrew or Arabic, in order to ‘set the tone’.


Still excited.

That lasted for I guess about 10 minutes.

Not the excitement – the impossible-to-understand narration.

Then the movie went seriously downhill.

I don’t know what kind of movies this Nicky Larkin has made in the past, but – do you know how some people try to ‘artsy-up’ really cheap porno movies by sticking in very tacky audio-visual effects?

Well, this movie is chock full of them…

…without the benefit of naked people.

Many people were walking out – and looking nauseous.

I understood less than 10 percent of what was actually said in the movie – well, up until the time we walked out, anyway.

Perhaps the ending makes up for it…I wouldn’t know.

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