What do you do if terrorists killed your family?

Unfortunately, I know someone in that situation…

His wife, daughter and son were all killed in a terrible terrorist attack.

I suspect that if I were in that position, I would simply crumple up and die inside – and, perhaps, outside.

Yet, one Canadian doctor turned his personal tragedy around and founded a way to make his family’s memory live on through his charitable work.

He is a true-life hero.

On Saturday, 23rd of June, 2012, at Andrew Haydon Park in Ottawa, from 11am to 5pm, all kinds of people from Ottawa will be donating food and their efforts in an Indian Food Fair fundraiser for his charities.

He delivers the charity himself – so, if you want to contribute to help the poorest of the poorest in this world without needing to worry about fraud taking a huge chunk of your contributions, this is your chance!

Or, if you love Indian food and want the best, most authentic Indian food ever – this is your opportunity!!!

Or, if you just want to come for the multicultural fun and drop a looney or twooney into the donation box, this is your chance!!!

I, for one, would not miss if for the world!

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