I have said this many times before, in many places:  the only way to protect our kids from gun violence in schools is to require – yes, require – each and every teacher to maintain high proficiency in the use of firearms and to be armed at all times while working.  Even with the best possible response time, a police force cannot beat the efficiency of having a well trained, well armed teacher in each and every classroom!

After all, our kids are worth it!

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  1. Derek Says:

    I agree. If Cops can have guns, so can teachers. Cops have the most minimal training standards. You can be 400 pounds and still be in charge of chasing criminals; have piss-poor aim yet still have the duty of defending the nation from armed criminals. It’s MUCH harder to become a teacher than a cop. You have to be more educated and trained more.

    I think schools should be private anyway, so I think whether the teachers are armed (or there are security guards), or they decide to have nothing it’s up to them. and parents can choose if they want a school where a shooter can kill everybody or a place where a shooter would die as soon as he draws his gun.

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