Pat Condell: Patronising the Palestinians

Michael Geist: F is for

Over at OpenMedia, Dr. Michael Geist has written up ‘Milestones in 2012 from A to Z

From the remarkable battle over the Stop Online Piracy Act to the massive public backlash against Internet surveillance in Canada, law and technology issues garnered headlines all year long. A look back at 2012 from A to Z:

I particularly like ‘F’:

F is for, an online chat site that defeated a claim of copyright infringement involving the posting of portions of newspaper articles.

Well said!

And, congratulations to Connie and Mark Fournier, the founders and administrators of Free Dominion, for the recognition which they so richly deserve.  As I write this, they are heading beck to court.

5 years and no end in sight…

But they do fight the good fight!!!

H/T:  Andrew