3 Dead in Boston Marathon Bombing

UPDATE 8:  24 hours after the fact, the death toll stands at 3, 17 in critical condition and some 170 injured (with many amputations).  There were 2 bombs, made with pressure-cookers and black powder and packed with shrapnel of nails and ball bearings.  he investigation continues.

UPDATE 7even more photos – some are repeats, some are not…you can actually see several of the ball bearings with which the bombs were packed imbedded in the hand of the elderly woman in the wheelchair.

UPDATE 6:  Reuters is reporting the dead include an 8-year-old boy and that many runners who had just finished had lost their legs…

UPDATE 5:  Even more pictures.  Warning: extreme suffering, NSFW, NSFL!!!  Poor people…

UPDATE 4:  Some pictures of the aftermath of the bombing.  NSFL!

UPDATE 3:  If you are still looking for loved ones in the area, here is Google’s person finder for the Boston Marathon Bombing.

UPDATE:   12 dead, at least 50 injured with at least 10 amputations – as reported by The New York Post, which also says federal authorities have a 20-year-old Saudi national suspect under guard at an undisclosed Boston Hospital.  First explosion is reported to have happed in the lobby of the Fairmont Hotel. (H/T:  Atlas Shrugs)

UPDATE 2:  LIVE VIDEO of the 1st explosion

CNN is reporting 2 people have died and 28 have been injured in today’s (15. April 2013) bombing at the finish-line of the Boston Marathon:

Authorities in Boston have found other explosive devices that they were working to dismantle, a federal law enforcement source told CNN. The devices were “low flashpoint,” and did not appear to have shrapnel inside them, the source said.

Blasts near Boston Marathon finish line
Eyewitness: People ‘very badly hurt’

It was unclear who may have planted the bombs. There were no credible threats before the race, a state government official said.

The Telegraph reports there was a third blast near JFK library, with no injuries (and not just ‘so far’, I hope).

CBC also carries the story.

When  heard the first breaking news about this on CFRA radio, they reported that people on the scene were warning each other ‘to stay away from garbage cans’, so, presumably, that is where the explosive devices were concealed…

Sad, so sad.

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