It’s so hard to tell real wizards from fake ones these days…

Came across a short but intriguing story today:  a man was the victim of a very, very cruel trick indeed!

Robbing bank and getting away with it is getting harder and harder, because they have all these pesky cameras installed all over the place.  What to do, what to do…

The solution is simple – become invisible!

So, this is exactly what one genius would-be bank robber in Tehran decided to do.  All he needed to do is find a real wizard, buy an invisibility spell from him and voila, he could rob banks with impunity.

The only thing to have foiled his brilliant plan was that the wizard he bought the spell from turned out to be a fake wizard, and when he started snatching money from people’s hands at the bank, instead of being terrified, they beat him up and handed him over to the police…

Poor guy…

Can’t really blame him, can you, as he’s been raised with ‘magical thinking’ – Saudi Arabia’s been executing witches, so why not believe there are sorcerers in Iran?  This is what religious education does to people!


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