CSIS makes a smart move

Like thousands of other Ottawans, I went to ComicCon this past weekend.  And while I only lasted a few hours, it was immensely fun!

My favourite part (predictably) was to sit back and watch the people walking by…some of the costumes were awesome!

And it seemed like everybody there seemed very, very happy:  despite the crowds and line-ups to go see people and events, I don’t think I saw a single grumpy person there.

One thing I noticed, though, was very interesting:  among the booths of artists of all stripes and metal-smiths and guilds and steam-punk accessory stands and t-shirt vendors and and and…there was a CSIS (Canadian Security Intelligence Agency) booth!

Of course, I had to know what they were doing there:  recruiting!!!

They were looking for computer-skilled people – and ‘reading between the lines’, it became clear that they were looking to recruit people with some hacking skills.

Smart place to look!



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  1. Steynian 467nd | Free Canuckistan! Says:

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