Having fun with First World Anarchists

If you are not familiar with what First World Anarchist (FWA) are, I suggest a quick trip to reddit or imgur.

Fair warning:  if you click on the above links, you may suffer pain from laughter and lost hours…

In a nutshell (no pun intended), FWA is a person who is so fed up with  our over-micro-managing overlords and their persistent petty rules that if, say, they see a line with a ‘DO NOT CROSS’ sign, they’ll photograph themselves crossing it and post it on the internet to share with all the other FWAs.  It’s kind of like a mild oppositional disorder with a sense of humour.

I actually find the growth of the FWA movement to be a good thing:  finally, people are beginning to rebel our over-regulation….but, this is supposed to be a light-hearted post and I should not ruin it by philosophising or preaching!!!

Yes, I live in a household with two very enthusiastic FWAs:  one is a teenager and the other is an engineer, so that explains that.  But, I digress…

The idea of these photos FWAs share is to break a petty or irrational or annoying rulewith attitude.

Open the package on the opposite side of where it says to!

Use the champagne glass for red wine!

Post a picture of that tree with attitude!

Put the sock marked ‘L’ on the right foot!

This kid right here!

So, you can understand my dilemma when I came across this picture:  do I post it to r/firstworldanarchist or would that be a bad idea….



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