Why Muslim countries cannot recognize Israel’s right to exist – and remain Islamic countries

It seems that there is a lot of misunderstanding ‘out there’ about the reasons why Israel’s right to exist is not, and cannot – EVER – be officially recognized by countries that consider themselves to be Islamic.

Sure, there is a lot of tension in the region.

Certainly, many resented British and French colonial rule in the Middle East and have not liked the political borders that were drawn up following it.

Granted, the state of Israel has has some policies for which it can be legitimately criticized.

But none of this explains the rabid anger which Israel’s continued existence awakens among some of the most devout Muslims!

What is the root of this?

In order to understand, we must go back in history and look at how the Muslim Ummah perceives historic events which had occurred and what significance this has on the events in our times.

There are two separate things, neither one of them mentionable in the politically correct chambers that our mainstream media had become, necessary to explain this visceral anti-Zionism.

The first one is the ‘Jew hatred’ which is documented in both the Koran and the Hadith in so many places, it would be difficult to name them all.  It has been documented in so very many places by writers and researchers much better than I, that to repeat it at this stage seems redundant – so I will only stress the part of the story which is often left out.

We must look back to Abraham, the father of the three modern day religions we call Judaism, Christianity and Islam.  Abraham lived in a patriarchal, yet matrilinear society: so he needeed Sarah to produce an heir, because his position as ruler was only obtained by having married Sarah, the previous ruler’s daughter.

We all know the story that followed….Sarah’s hand maiden Hagar had a boy that was named Abraham’s heir, but then Sarah also had a child and tricked Abraham to switch the ‘heirship’ to her own son.  Jews are descended from Sarah, Arabs are descended from Hagar and have never been able to shake neither the shame of having originated from a slave girl, nor the slight at having been cheated out of their heritage by the Mother of the Jews.

Hence the strained relationship between Jews and Arabs, even during Mohammed’s time.

This ‘Jew hatred’  is documented in the Koran and the Hadith, well known about and while it does affect the way devout Muslims must think of Jews, it is in itself an insufficient explanation for why the idea of the State of Israel evokes such venom, such bile, in the devout Muslims.

Which brings us to the second reason:  Mohammed himself.

Mohammed was, according to Islam, the most excellent, the perfectest a man that could ever possibly get and that to become a better man, one should emulate Muhammad in every way possible, copying his behaviour, attitude and thoughts.  Though it is not usually phrased this way, it seems to me that most devout Muslims believe in the infallibility of Mohammed.

So, we must look a little at Mohammed’s life experience before he started to preach.  He was bounced around quite a bit, an orphan, a burden…

At one point in his life, he had, indeed, converted to Christianity (at least, that is what I was taught at a University course I took on this subject, long before discussing Mohammed’s life became politically incorrect).  This temporary conversion to Christianity by an illiterate youth may explain why so many of the stories in the Koran are deeply evocative of misunderstood stories from the Old and New Testaments.

Yet, one belief remains very uncorrupted to man of the early Christian teachings from that area, in that era:  that the defeat at Masada and the following expulsion of Jews from their homeland and their subsequent failure to establish a unified nation-state elsewhere was the divine punishment of the Jews for not having accepted Jesus Christ’s message.

This may seem academic, but it is important to note that while anti-Semitism in modern-day Europe was fueled by the belief the Jews were responsible for The Savior’s death, the early Christian sects that were roaming the Arabian desert tended to be a bit more Gnostic in their beliefs.  One notable belief among the early Christians in that region was that Jesus Christ was not the Son of God, but a Prophet.  Another strong defining belief of this particular time and region’s branch of Gnostic Christians (and, there were many, many sects with differing beliefs in different regions) was that Jesus Christ did not die on the Cross – that a substitute had been crucified in his place, that Jesus watched from a concealed place, and that he, in fact, died at the siege of Masada (a belief shared by the Cathars, by the way, and part of the Albigensian heresy against which a Crusade was called).

[OK – the Cathar beliefs may not have been as scholarly documented as I’d like, but, I do make this claim on the basis of childhood teaching to me of these beliefs by an adult relative who was a member of a religious sect that claimed its roots to be in the Cathar tradition:  tenuous, I grant, but other things she taught me were so much borne out (by my subsequent, rather obsessive, research) to be true of early Gnostic Christian teachings that I have little room to doubt this one belonged to their ideas, especially given the Koranic confirmation that much of these beliefs were kicking about around there, about then.]

Sorry, I get sidetracked so easily…

Let me stress:  these early Christians did not believe in the divinity of Jesus and thought that a substitute was crucified and that Jesus Christ himself died in Masada – and that because the rest of the Jews did not accept Jesus as their prophet, God punished them by having the Romans defeat them in war.  But, more than that:  because the Jews refused to accept Jesus as their prophet, God’s punishment was that they should never have a Nation State that would be their own, that there would never exist a ‘Jewish Homeland’.

And that is exactly what Mohammad preached:  he claimed that the very fact that 600+ years after they had been kicked out of Judea without being able to re-establish a homeland of their own was proof of God’s hatred of Jews and his rejection of them.  To Mohammed, this PROVED beyond any doubt that the Jews, the spawn of Sarah, were evil and that the Arabs, Hagar’s descendants, were the only legal descendants of Abraham, the true heirs of his heritage and the only chosen people of God.

We must remember that Mohammad’s target audience was Arab; he was not considering that other nations might become Muslim, not at that point.  For, he preached that Arabs were God’s chosen people and therefore they were better than any other peoples of the world! Hence, the Arab supremacism in the Koran and the Arabization of culture in non-Arab Muslim countries.

Even today, some evil imams use this teaching of Mohammed to recruit vulnerable youths from non-Arab Muslim families, telling them that they cannot equal Arabs in the eyes of God, since he declared the Arabs to be better than and dearer to him than every other race.  So, the only way that non-Arab Muslims can attain the highest level of heaven (or so these evil tongues whisper) is through Martyrdom!

Now that I have laid down the background, let me draw the line of my argument.

  1. Muslims are taught that the words of Mohammed are the literal words of God – and thus absolutely true.
  2. Mohammed preached that for not accepting Jesus Christ’s prophetic teachings, the Jews were punished by being for ever denied to have a homeland, a kingdom, a nation-state of their own.
  3. Israel may be a democracy that grants rights to all citizens, Jewish, Arab or otherwise, but it is, deep down at its core, a Jewish nation-state.
  4. But, if a Jewish nation-state exists, then God is no longer punishing the Jews and the teaching of Mohammed about God not permitting Jews to have a homeland are falsified.
  5. If one thing Mohammed preached is falsified, then everything else he preached cannot be regarded as true.
  6. Therefore, as long as Israel continues to exist, Mohammed is proven to be a liar and Islam is proven to not be a valid religion.
  7. Therefore, Israel must be destroyed at all costs, so that Mohammed is proven correct and ALL of the religion of Islam is no longer proven to be a fallacy.

And THAT is why devout Muslims cannot, in good conscience, accept any Jewish homeland to exist:  in the historic area we now call Israel and/or Palestine or anywhere else:  if it did, it would mean that Mohammed was wrong about it, and if he were wrong about it, then nothing else he preached could possibly be trusted to be true.

But, the Koran says that Mohammed’s words are God’s words:  therefore, he cannot be wrong!

And, therefore, a Jewish homeland cannot be suffered to exist!!!

I hope this clarifies why countries that consider themselves to be ‘Muslim Countries’, countries who draw on Sharia (Muslim laws) as part or all of their constitution, cannot continue to be ‘Muslim Countries’ and, at the same time, accept that their prophet Mohammed was wrong about God’s judgment to deny the Jew a homeland.

2 Responses to “Why Muslim countries cannot recognize Israel’s right to exist – and remain Islamic countries”

  1. Omar Says:

    Also, it is worth while to examine what islamic law expects and demands of non-muslims: i.e. submission to islamic law and voluntary relinquishment of power in favor of muslims (since the continued existence of non-islamic governments is an abomination and contrary to the islamic order – doubly so when the land so governed may once have had a more islamic character). Essentially, muslims view the jews as unsubmittiing kuffar who have rejected the dhimma (the pact whereby a non-muslim people may continue to exist so long as they acknowledge the suzereignty of islam). This is another powerful reason why muslims refuse to accept the existence of Israel. The jews are supposed to be submissive dhimmis . . . And aren’t.

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