Fundraising for Free Dominon

When members of the media are afraid to criticize a member of their country’s Military, who they honestly believe had abused his position of authority for personal gain/power, we have a problem.

Yet, that is exactly the situation we find ourselves in, in Canada, in 2014.

More and more voices in the media are being silenced through lifetime gag orders against them, brought about through the actions of a specific Agent of the State (and member of the Military, none-the-less)!

This has created such an unprecedented chill on speech that news reporters – even when addressing the public – refer to him as ‘He Who Must Not be Named’!

Help one of his latest victims, Mark and Connie Fournier, by popping over to Indiegogo and listening to their story, spreading it through the internet and, if you have the means, perhaps dropping a few pennies to their legal fund.

P.S.  This is an interesting twist on the story:  the guy doing the silencing had, in the past, been a candidate for election as a member of a political party deeply philosophically opposed to the party one of his targets had been a candidate for…  Do we really want to have the courts be the ones settling philosophical differences between various political parties and their candidates/supporters?  In my never-humble-opinion, this is one very slippery slope…

6 Responses to “Fundraising for Free Dominon”

  1. Voice of Reason Says:

    Who is in the military?

    And which journalist said this: ‘He Who Must Not be Named’?

    • xanthippa Says:

      All this has been covered in earlier posts.

      The journalist said it while being interviewed on CFRA back in October (or thereabouts) 2013.

    • Maikeru Says:

      “Who is in the military?”
      Now that you mention it, the Canadian Airborne Regiment is no longer in the military, after a couple of multi-cultural lads brought disrepute the regiment in the course of denying a local the right to steal.
      Disbanding a military organization set a precedent which should be repeated with the CHRC/T – following the exposure of means and methods used by Jadewarr et al, to deny locals the right to squeal.

      The journalist most critical of Richard the Teutonic Tart is Nobby McNasty, and it’s likely he who inspired the words contained in your query.

      FreeDominion’s latest fundraiser is currently at 25% of the stated goal, thanks to the ongoing attention of folks such as xanthippa.
      As well, an increasing number of folks are only now becoming aware of the scope, nature, and purpose of litigation forced upon FreeDominion hosts and members.

      • xanthippa Says:

        Thank you, Maikeru, for your kind words.

        And it is true – because so many people have already been slapped with gag orders (internet) or are afraid to report (mainstream media) on the exploits of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, the vast majority of Canadians is completely unaware of the method and speed with whch their freedoms of speech is being stripped from them.

        Just this last weekend, I had the pleasure to speak at the Essential of Freedom Conference in Edmonton: attended mostly by ‘c’onservative, ‘C’onsevative, Wild Rose and ‘l’ibertarian leaning people, who tend to be better informed on the topic of Free Speech than the average Canadian. Yet, when I spoke of the Free Dominion saga, so very few people there had ever heard the story…

        On a brighter note, they did grasp its significance and will, I suspect, rise the awareness in others.

        We must not let ourselves be shut up, or we will loose for our children the very freedoms that our fathers have fought and died to preserve for us!

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