Freedom of Speech: still under fire

As Ezra Levant reminds us, freedom of speech is under fire all over the world.  He recently raised the case in Spain, where an ex-Muslim is being threatened with deportation to Pakistan, where he will most certainly face death for blasphemy.

But, it is not only something that happens in the illiberal European Union:  freedom of speech is under fire, right here, in Canada’s capital:

Next week, the 24th, 25th and 26th of March, 2014, Mark and Connie Fournier of the formerly ‘Free Dominion’ (currently ‘Censored-Out-Of-Existence Dominion’), will be back in court, fighting to protect our freedom of speech on the internet.

It is, indeed, the continuation of the ‘Dr. Dawg case’ which had been summarily dismissed in a ruling where the judge was incredulous that Dr. Dawg was willing to admit – in court – to having conducted himself as foolishly as he had.  At least, that is my highly imperfect understanding of that ruling.


While I have observed the various legal opponents of the Fourniers’ in court, and have found many of them to lack charisma, I cannot say this of Dr. Dawg.  He may be dead wrong on this issue (in my never-humble-opinion), but, he is a charming guy with a disarming smile.  And, he is always meticulously turned out:  not stuffy, but striking and he takes great pride in his always polished and tidy riding boots. (The ones with the adorable silver trimmings – I’ll be sure to let you know if he wears them in court next week….and they are ‘riding boots’, not ‘cowboy boots’, as I have erroneously reported in the past.  I know, because Dr. Dawg was kind enough to send me the link to them, so that I would make the necessary correction – which, of course, I am more than happy to make.  So, to be sure – they are ‘riding boots’, not ‘cowboy boots’ – and they always look polished and well groomed!)

And, sometimes, Dr. Dawg wears hats – I am very partial to hats!  Did I mention the most awesome steampunk hat my son got over the March break?  Hats get the thumbs-up from me!

Plus, Dr. Dawg had brought a young man (whom I presume to be his step-son) to court to observe some of the non-Dr. Dawg related cases:  this, I truly respect because as a parent myself, I really appreciate the importance of teaching civics lessons to our young people.  So, kudos to him for that – even if I disagree with this particular case of his or his politics in general.  After all, it is our duty to teach our young ones to respect the process – and think for themselves:  the rest is up to them!

But, enough of my ranting…refocusing:

Even though the ruling was for the Fourniers and Peter O’Donnel, a frequent poster at Free Dominion, the court of appeals overturned the summary dismissal.  I am sure there were very sound legal reasons for this, but, to my untrained mind and ‘farmer’s wisdom’ (the best, yet clumsy, translation of my dad’s favourite expression – implying ‘layman’s comprehension’ as my father was not a farmer and not even a gardener (this early pioneer in AI’s outdoor activities during my formative years being exclusively limited to tennis and windsurfing), and thus his comprehension of the ways of farmers and acquisition of any actual ‘farmer’s wisdom’ was quite literally non-existent – I’ve never even seen him mow a lawn…not even once!), it sounded like a bunch of hypothetical judges thought:  “Wow, one of them new-fangled ‘internet cases’ – here’s our one and perhaps only chance to make a ruling that will go into the textbooks – so, let’s prolong it as long as possible, because, after all, we are getting paid to do this:  the poor schmucks in front of us have to pick up the bill!”

OK, perhaps I am overly cynical, but that is what it sounds like to me and my legally untrained mind…

But, regardless of the reasons, the Fourniers will be in an Ottawa court room (Elgin St. Court house, for those wishing to pop by and support either side, or just curious about the ways of our justice system) and, health permitting, I will be there to report on it, to the best of my highly limited abilities!

P.S.  Omar Khadr is not, according to the United Nations own definition, a ‘Child Soldier’ – and anyone who claims otherwise is a snotling fondler and a silly-bunny to boot!!!

6 Responses to “Freedom of Speech: still under fire”

  1. Voice of Reason Says:

    Well, he was a “child” and a “soldier” at the same time. So he would be a child soldier. But I still think he should be spending the next 25 years in prison.

    And when exactly did right wingers start caring about what the UN says?

    • xanthippa Says:

      Well – there is a difference between the colloquial use of the terms ‘child’ and ‘soldier’ and the definition of the legal term ‘child soldier’.

      I know, this is a difficult concept to convey when people are pretending to be dense, but…

      As for the next bit: I don’t know if I can accurately be classified as a ‘right winger’, though I do try to be a right thinker. I have as little in common with big government right wingers as I do with big government left wingers. It just happens that at this point in time, there are some right wingers who also happen to be ‘small government’ proponents and, as far as I can tell, ‘small government’ is directly opposed to the very foundational principles of left-wing ideology. Trust me, most right wingers find me just as disagreeable as most left-wingers do.

      Which brings us to the UN, that epitome of unelected, unaccountable, ever-expanding big government and its legal terms…

      When someone intentionally misuses a UN term like ‘child soldier’ and applies it to someone who is outside UN’s definition of that term, but then turns around and demands UN’s protections for those who actually do fall under the UN’s legal definition of the term for the person to whom it has been misapplied, it is time to call out the hypocrisy and point out the facts.

      • Voice of Reason Says:

        If the UN didn’t exist, we would have to invent it.

        There needs to be a place on earth where people who represent the worlds governments cab discuss the minutia and trade, diplomacy and the zillions of treaties on things like weights and measures, radio signals, exchanging funds, issuing passports, commerce, science, air and sea navigation, phone signals, Interwebs … yada yada yada.

        So I ask, why the heck do you care what they say about the definition of a term? Dude has been in prison more than half his life already. That is where he is staying. It makes no difference.

      • xanthippa Says:

        ‘If the UN ddn’t exist, we ould have to invent it.’

        Well, actully, no, we would not. We would simply breathe a little bit more freely.

        I don’t care about a definition of a partiular term per se: as I explained erlier, I care for the hypicrisy of mis-applyin a legal term to someone (in my opinion, intentionaally) and then demanding the legal protections for the mis-labelled terrorist under tha would apply if te label were to have been applied correctly….and then claiming the ‘moral high ground’ to boot.

        In order to expose the hypocrisy, one must demonstrate it by exposing why and how the term was mis-applied.

        Yes, he is in jail – but, he could be released any day if some people had their way. And, the day he will be released, I will feel significantly less safe in my new homeland!

        I thought I left this kind of religious supremacism crap behind me when I came to North America, but now, it is everywhere! And, I don’t like it one ittle bit!!!

  2. Maikeru Says:

    Although no soldier, Mr. Baglow was childish enough to join FreeDominion as ‘MsMew’ to gain ‘evidence’ that DrDawg’s archnemesis, Peter O’Donnell, was one Roger Smith, which he already knew, courtesy of his drinking buddy Richard Warman, LLM.

    Mr. Baglow is a blight on the internet, and he will reap what he has sown with his infantile, hypocritical ‘cyber-defamation’ suit.

    Here’s one of 38,500 tourretic ‘twitters’ from another of Baglow’s drinking buddies, the dispicable online creep Robert PJ Day, aka ‘CanadianCynic’.

  3. Says:

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