Magdi Khalil of Coptic Solidarity: treatment of Meriam is typical of Shariah Law

UPDATE:  Senator Cruz adds his voice:

If you have not of the plight of Dr. Mariam Ibrahim, blame the media who are unwilling to bring to light the worst kinds of suffering women must endure under Sharia.

An educated MD, she was raised Christian by her Christian mother – and married a Christian man.

But, because her father (who had abandoned the family when she was little) was a Muslim, under Sudan’s Sharia-based legal system, she is officially a Muslim.  And while a Muslim man may marry a non-Muslim woman, a Muslim woman may not marry a non-Muslim man.


It all goes back to Sharia.

Sharia states that under no circumstances may a non-Muslim be in a position of power and/or dominance over a Muslim.  (This, by the way, includes employment – which is why, in Sharia-compliant countries, non-Muslims may only hold the lowest levels of jobs in every profession, because they are not permitted to attain a higher rank than the lowest Muslim in the same workplace.

Sharia also states that a husband is in a position of power and dominance over his wife – she must obey him and submit to his will in every way.  Therefore, if the husband were non-Muslim, and his wife were a Muslim, that would put the husband, a non-Muslim, in a position of power and dominance over a Muslim – the wife.

Which is why a Muslim woman is, under Sharia, strictly forbidden from marrying a non-Muslim man.

Back to Mariam…

Mariam’s crime is that she married a non-Muslim, and she is a Muslim by the virtue of her father having been a Muslim (there is no right to convert under Sharia – if your father, whether he raised you or not, was a Muslim, then under Sharia, you and your children will also be Muslims….any conversion is not only legally not recognized, it is punishable by death.

As such, her marriage is not legally recognized.  But, mote than that – she is, according to Sharia, committing adultery every time she has relations with her not-legally-recognized husband.

For this crime of adultery, she has been sentenced to 100 lashes and then death.

Mariam – and her toddler son – were unceremoniously dumped into prison…a prison with a high mortality rate for toddlers and infants.

It gets worse…

When Mariam was tossed into prison to await her sentence, she was heavily pregnant – and gave birth to a daughter in prison, chained to the ground…


But, really, not all that unusual…  That IS Sharia!!!

The twist to this story is that Mariam’s husband and the father of her children is an American citizen – which, of course, makes his children also American citizens.

Yet, the US Embassy personnel in Sudan is unwilling to lift a finger to help the father, the mother or the children…

What was it that Obama said about not leaving anyone ‘behind’?

What about ‘no child left behind’?

Oh, but let Magdi Khalil have his say on this:

Please, don’t forget Dr. Mariam Ibrahm!