PEGIDA-like demonstration against Islam in Brno, Czech Republic

Translation is below the video:

According to estimates, several hundred people gathered at the Moravian Square in Brno for a demonstration against Islam.

Nearby, representatives of tolerance and religious freedom had their own gathering.  Only about 200 of them showed up.

The action was commenced by an ecumenical religious service. The police did not have to solve any problems in the first few ‘ten-minutes’.  (Aside ‘ten-minute’ is a frequently used time unit in Czech)

Participants move freely between both gatherings.

Some argue about what is a greater threat to the society:  Islam or intolerance.

“No, you will not get to speak, you don’t have the right to stand up here.  Certainly no, you will not get it. You have no place here:  this is our event.”

Today’s date, the holiday of St. Valentine, was intentionally selected by the organizers.  They insist that celebrating the holiday of love is forbidden in Islam.

According to public information, there are several hundred Muslims in Brno.  Since the year 1998, the first functioning  Mosque in Czech has operated here.

One Response to “PEGIDA-like demonstration against Islam in Brno, Czech Republic”

  1. phil Says:

    Choosing Valentine’s Day to protest supremacist Islam is significant. Islam has no Golden Rule in it, only a ‘brotherhood contract’ which changes when the Muslim brothers do not obey all the gang rules.

    Muslims are compassionate only towards practicing Muslims, but not towards apostates or ‘others’. In Islam, every member of the gang is a vigilante who may murder apostates or ‘blasphemers’ who suggest in any manner that Islam may not be true. Islam is the only religion that exonerates murder in the name of the faith.

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