A most interesting conversation with an RCMP representative today…

Sorry to have been away for so long – but, I’ve had a lot on my plate lately.

For example, just today, I had a most interesting conversation with an RCMP representative today.

She had called me up to reach out to me regarding my request for a permission to hold an ‘International Draw Muhammed Day’ event on Parliament Hill.

No, this was not to let me know that the event has been approved:  that is up to the bureaucrats, and I have not heard from them yet (except to tell me, 4 days after I submitted my request, that my request ‘had been received’).

Aside:  if this really is a free country, where we, the citizens, have the freedom of speech, movement and assembly – why do we need permits to hold demonstrations/public events on public land?  Should not notifying the gov – for security’s sake – be sufficient?  How is it ‘freedom’ if we need ‘permits’ and promise to follow ‘rules of conduct’ empteen pages long?  If it has to ONLY be ‘permitted speech’ – how is it FREE speech?  If it has to be a ‘permitted gathering’ – how is it a FREE gathering?  But, I digress….

Yet, it was a step in the right direction.

If I do succeed in getting the permit for my freedom of speech event (yes, please – do laugh, so that we may not cry, at my begging for ‘permit’ for a ‘freedom’ event), the RCMP will be there to protect me.

In force.

With machine guns visible.

And their rep let me know that the way I have positioned it, the RCMP is backing me 100%!

FYI, this is from my request for a permit:

May 20th is International Draw Muhammed Day.  However, in order to highlight that all religions are oppressive of free speech and freedom of religion – which includes freedom from religious blasphemy laws – I will be inviting people passing by to join in drawing the Pope’s mother (as he expressed violence is reasonable response to his mother being insulted), a Buddha with headphones on (as people are now in jail for having used that image) as well as drawing the Islamic prophet Muhammed and/or any other religious or political figure.  This will be a peaceful celebration of our freedom of speech, expressed through participant contributed art.

Je suis Charlie Hebdo!

Je suis Eric Brazeau!


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