Open Letter to Ruby Foo’s regarding the cancellation of Paul Weston’s appearance

Open letter to:
Ruby Foo’s
7655 Décarie Boul,
Montréal, QC
H4P 2H2
Attention:  Kathy  Myrosznyczenko, Banquet manager
CC:           Christine Enos, Director of Sales and Marketing

Hello Ms. Myrosznyczenko!

Ruby Foo’s is a Montreal icon and I have thoroughly enjoyed attending many interesting and information rich events there.  Thank you.
It therefore saddened me greatly when your establishment had, at the last moment, cancelled a recent appearance by Paul Weston.  Several carloads of us had organized the trip down to Montreal to hear this important and influential politician speak, so the very late date of cancellation had caused us to be unable to recover the often unrecoverable costs associated with the trip (like calling in favours to cover our work shifts, and so on).
However, aside from any personal aggravation or cost to the members of our group, your actions in cancelling Paul Weston’s presentation will have important and far-reaching implications:  by denying his message from being spread far and wide, by giving in to the terrorist’s veto, you have directly undermined the rule of law in our society.
And Paul Weston is an immensely important politician:  he is the Winston Churchill of our generation.  Please, look up the slanderous things his opponents had called Winston Churchill when he was speaking truth and reason to people who did not want to hear it… they are much the same as what Paul Weston’s opponents call him today.
As any history buff can tell you, had Winston Churchill’s words been listened to early enough, WWII – and the associated deaths and suffering – might have been avoided, or, at least, greatly minimized.
Currently, Europe is on the brink of civil war and Paul Weston is one of the very few politicians who are standing up and trying to convince European governments to enact policies which would restore law and order in Europe and which will hopefully prevent war, which has the potential to engulf the whole of the world and escalate into WWIII.
By preventing his message from reaching us and us learning from it, thank you, Ruby Foo’s – you may now proudly stand up and count yourself, as an institution, and every single one of your employees who had not stood up and prevented this cancellation from being done as individuals – you may now proudly stand up and count yourselves as collaborators with the forces that may indeed bring about WWIII!
This may sound like a hyperbole to you now – and I sincerely hope that I am wrong.  But, if the conflict in Europe descends into violence – and current indicators suggest that we are talking about ‘when’ rather than ‘if’ – then please, do understand that some of that blood is on your hands.
Alexandra Belaire
P.S.  This is an open letter and will be published internationally, along with any response you wish to make to it.

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