Black Pigeon speaks again on women and society

3 Responses to “Black Pigeon speaks again on women and society”

  1. CodeSlinger Says:


    Yes, indeed. The whole West has become one huge gynaeceum, as I’ve argued elsewhere on this site. This video by Black Pigeon does a splendid job of illustrating that with the current situation in Europe.

    But what really struck me was the outcome of the Austrian presidential election.

    I was just saying that free speech has little value for those who have allowed themselves to be disarmed.

    The Austrian people spoke; they elected the classical liberal Hofer. Their will was ignored; they got the totalitarian collectivist Van der Bellen.

    Of course, this miracle of political legerdemain had more to do with election fraud than with the women’s vote.

    European women are learning, first hand, the price of their cupidity. Some are beginning to mend their ways, and more will follow.

    North American women have yet to feel the impact.

    But they will.

    • xanthippa Says:


      I do have to admit that you, along with a very few select others, have been a huge influence on me it this regard.

      It would not be outside the realm of accuracy to argue that you have, fundamentally, altered the way I understand ‘the feminine’ vs ‘the masculine’.

      For the better, even if I had to be dragged along, kicking and screaming…

      Yet, it is freedom of speech that could have prevented this…if, that is, the press had adhered to accurate reporting. Which is what would happen of there were actual freedom of speech.

      Western culture is built on the foundation of an informed voting public….which, in turn, is based on accurate media reports of world and political events!

      Which, of course, thanks through ‘the long march through the institutions’, the classical West has been denied.

      All of which could have been corrected had truly free speech, truly free reporting, been available to the people, so that they could make fact-based decisions.

      As in, decisions grounded in Free Speech!!!

      Our culture relies on an informed voting public – without it, it is lost. That is why freedom of speech is so important!!!

      Yet, with a public fed the pablum of politically correct propaganda, our civilization will be lost.

      All of this could have been prevented had we truly had freedom of speech in our news, giving accurate information to the electorate.

      Again, this is why freedom of speech is the number one in importance of all our rights and freedoms!!!

  2. CodeSlinger Says:


    My above remark about free speech was not intended to take the topic so far afield. So, to avoid derailing this thread further, I have replied to you in your free speech thread.

    Further to the topic of the current thread, societal gynocentrism and confusion of sex roles has now progressed, in the UK, to the point where only 2% of young men feel completely masculine. In the USA, the decline of the manly man proceeds apace.

    Repairing this damage is not going to be easy.

    On both sides of the Atlantic, it’s going to be a long, hard way back to anything that resembles normal, because most of the people who knew the true meaning of man, woman, husband, wife, family, country, freedom, honour, and courage are now dead.

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