Klara Samkova in Czech Parliament: Should We Fear Islam?

It is interesting that we don’t hear our politicians speak like this, is it not?


Aside:  it took me two days to translate, because even though I had the text and two other translations to work from, she wanders off the script and the arguments were not in the pre-prepared official text.  And the audio is terrible, especially when people are talking over each other.

I raise this point because I found it extremely interesting that after the Turkish Ambassador and some other notable guests had walked out in protest against what JuDr. Klara Samkova was saying, the moderator DID shut her down.

And he said that what she was saying is beyond ‘opinion’ and is, rather, ‘propaganda’.

Even though she has facts to back up everything she says…

Had it not been for the strong push-back from the audience, that brave lady standing up to the moderator and demanding to know who made him the authority to decide on what is or is not propaganda, she would not have been able to finish her speech.

She would also not have been permitted to finish had the other panelists convinced the moderator that if she were not permitted to deliver the rest of her speech, it would appear to be censorship and would be bad optics…

Even so, she was instructed to tone down her rhetoric before continuing – and, indeed, she did do that.  Which is when she frequently deviated from the official text…

4 Responses to “Klara Samkova in Czech Parliament: Should We Fear Islam?”

  1. CodeSlinger Says:


    Klara Samkova rocks!

    She takes exactly the right stance with respect to Islam, and makes exactly the right points.

    Indeed, she makes all the points that I’ve made, right here on this site.

    The two most important being, firstly, that we must not fear Islam, but recognize it as a mortal enemy; and secondly, that the Western system of values – classical liberalism – is nothing other than secularized Christianity.

    The attempt to silence her was disgraceful, and it was good to see it fail.

    What she said is the simple, plain truth, and it ought not to require courage to speak it. But apparently it does, as it seems that her colleague was to have participated in the presentation, but he chickened out.

    What is it with European men? What a bunch of pussies!

    Not that typical North American men are any better; if anything, they’re worse.

    I don’t think Samkova could have finished her statement here in Canada, or if she did, she would have been charged with something.

    Here in Canada, the Trudeau Liberals wouldn’t dream of defending our culture… they’re too busy main-streaming outlandish religious cults and freakish sexual oddities while marginalizing white Christian heterosexual males.

    But it’s not just the government. It’s endemic.

    In fact, on this side of the Atlantic, the only other web site besides this one that even dares to mention Klara Samkova is… Stormfront.

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