Christian equivalent of the ‘uncovered meat’ comment

The quote:

‘The 3AW Drive program, presented by Tom Elliott, was told the priest then said that if Ms Meagher had been “more faith-filled” she “would have been home in bed” and “not walking down Sydney Rd at 3am” when she was raped and murdered by Bayley in September 2012.’

The source is 3AW693NewsTalk.


Sure, when there is separation between the State and Christianity, Christianity does not commit as many atrocities as it used, before the split.  Because it lacks the power, not the will…

Many nice Christians I’ve met are genuinely good people – as are many nice Muslims I’ve met.

Christians are always stressing that theirs is a religion of love and inclusion and everything that is nice and non violent – and I am certain that they honestly believe it.

But the clerics know better.

The clerics are required to study their Holy Scriptures and believe what it says in them, regardless of the public mask worn in public.  And, every now and then, that mask slips…revealing the ugly truth beneath:  Christianity is, at its core, very misogynistic and just as destructive as every other religion.

Please, do give this some thought:  I do not write this lightly or reflexively.

Christianity is not the love-fest many Christians seem to think it is.  Biblical morality is deeply flawed.  After all, Muhammad had been a Christian convert and got much of his morality from Biblical teachings.  Sure, he built on them, from his own predilections, but there are common seeds shared between all three Abrahamic religions and, every now and then, we can glimpse the underlying truth…

…and I, for one, do not like what lies there!

An open letter to Minister MacKay

Today, I received this email:

My other written petition was presented in the House Of Commons on March 5th by My MP Gerald Keddy of Nova Scotia. We are asking if people could send a email to get ministers to support my petition. To stop funding facilities in Canada that allow discrimination towards women in the name of religion. Pleas email Minister of justice Peter Mac Kay email and mister for the status of women Kellie leitch at and minister of immigration Jason kenney at

Thank you


This message was sent by Michele Walsh using the system. You received this email because you signed a petition started by Michele Walsh on “Canadian Government, Prime Minister Stephen Harper: Protect Canadian women rights from gender based religious persecution, and stop the erosion of the most important and fundamental RIGHT that we enjoy in a free and democratic society..” does not endorse the contents of this message.

View the petition

My response was to write an email to Minister MacKay:

Dear Minister MacKay,

Canada is a wonderful place where the rights of all minorities – down to the minority of one – are protected by law, respected by society and cherished by the citizenry.
However, lately, we have seen a very worrying trend of erosion of gender equality in the name of religion.  As Asma Jahangir, while acting as the UN’s special raconteur on the status of women and religion had reported, religious minorities demand special rights/privileges for themselves and, when they receive them, they immediately use these to oppress a minority within that religion, usually the women.
This is a global problem, but one that has been creeping into Canada and that is very troubling.
Recently, a member of parliament from Nova Scotia, Gerald Keddy, presented a petition in Parliament where concerned citizens were asking you, our lawmakers, to take steps to ensure that misogyny cloaked in religious garb will not be permitted to erode our cherished gender equality.  I would like to voice support for this and ask that you, as Minister of Justice, take steps to ensure that Asma Jahangir’s sad observation will not become fact here, in Canada.
Alexandra Belaire
If you value gender equality in our society, I urge you most sincerely to add your voice to this call to prevent creeping misogyny camouflaging itself as ‘religion’.