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xkcd: ‘inside job’ was an inside job


Me too!

Conspiracy ‘theorists’ can be extremely entertaining.  I like to play with them.

P.S.  The word ‘theory’ in ‘conspiracy theory’ should always be in quotation marks:  let’s face it, a bunch of rantings do not a theory make!

Secret societies – conspiracy theories

I just love conspiracy theories – especially if they have secret societies and mysterious influential people….and if there is a hint of the supernatural, even better!

Yesterday, in Ottawa, during a ‘routine traffic stop’, cops found 2 pipe bombs in the trunk of a car.

Now, I have not been stopped in many ‘routine traffice stops’, but the times I was, nobody ever searched the trunk of my car!

I smell ‘a conspiracy’ here!!!

So, where did they find this bomb?

In ”The Glebe’.

Which is a part of town riddled with trendy cafes, overpriced boutiques, little art galleries and other ‘hot spots’ which appeal to the aging yuppies and retiring civil servant boomers who have taken this honest, working class neighbourhood and turned it into pretentious snobville.

It is also the part of town where a bank was firebombed last year.

By an aging yuppie boomer, a retired civil servant.

Probably too young to have taken part in the ‘wild 60’s protests’, but young enough to idolize them….and too stoked up to know better.

I can’t wait to hear what the story with this newest arrest is going to be!