‘The Big Picture’ page is up

To make it easier to follow the ‘chain’ of posts about ‘The Big Picture’, I have created a key-page.  It is called ‘The Big Picture’ and is at the top-right of my page header.

As I make more posts, I will update it with links and breif descriptions of the posts.  At the end, I’ll try to sum things up, untangle all the threads of the ‘big knot’ and demonstrate how they weave together to show us at least a part of the fabric of the history that surrounds us.  Ambitious, I know – but I can dream!


One Response to “‘The Big Picture’ page is up”

  1. MrD1 Says:

    Great “big picture” in the book at TheGreaterReality.com. It is a life-changer. It is not just a self-help book. The really amazing thing is that it explains all the mechanics of the universe . All of the big mysteries are solved. I really hope that you get it.

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