I see a black (car) door and I want it painted red?!?!?

California is seriously considering banning ‘black and dark-coloured cars’, on the grounds that since they heat up faster, their carbon footprint is unnecessarily high.

If that were not enough, apparently, they have already done so with their buildings!

All right: I am seriously considering banning California, on the grounds that since they are passing laws like these, their ‘idiot footprint’ is unnecessarily high!

Hat tip:  Dvorak Uncensored

5 Responses to “I see a black (car) door and I want it painted red?!?!?”

  1. letterstoadyingdream Says:

    I’d wall off the whole state to keep the crazy from getting into the rest of the country.

  2. CodeSlinger Says:


    There is a very simple reason why only bad laws are being passed:

    We have run out of good laws to pass.

    Our legal system was substantially complete a couple of hundred years ago. At that point, legislators became mostly superfluous; there was little or nothing left for them to do. And to hide that fact, they have been suffocating us ever since, in an ever tightening web of ever more detailed rules, regulations and laws that are sometimes merely useless, but frequently downright harmful.

    Of course, this plays right into the hands of the various parties that are trying to co-opt the system for their own benefit, and to the detriment of the people. It creates an unholy alliance between legislators and activists: they need each other. Without legislators, activists could not conduct lawfare; without activists, legislators would be out of a job.

    And the more desperate the redundant legislators get for things to legislate, the crazier and more subversive are the fanatics they get into bed with.

    Xanthippa says:
    It’s been a while since I have ranted on about the videos made by STOPandLOOK. He’s made some very insightful ones about human rights – their origin determines their nature. This one (2 parts) is about ‘Big Government’. Methinks you would like what he says…

    Part 1

    Part 2

  3. walker morrow Says:

    I don’t know about the ban on black paint on California buildings, but it looks as if the black car ban was never going to happen: http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/ian_douglas/blog/2009/03/27/black_car_ban_hysteria_misses_the_point

    Although it does sound like something that California would pass, doesn’t it? I wonder if it’s just a California thing, or a coastal thing? It can be kind of nutty over here in BC, but I don’t know what Oregon is like, so I can’t pass judgment just yet 🙂

  4. juggernaut Says:

    I’m trying to confirm this, but I find no official sources. All I find are user blogs and user forums

    Xanthippa says:
    Here is a link to LA Times (blog) which explains that this plan has been shelved – for now: http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/uptospeed/2009/03/black-car-ban.html

    The original story was carried – among others – by Rush Limbaugh:

    Hope this helps!

  5. Crazy84 Says:

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