Randy Hillier would abolish the OHRC

This is one the first hints which might indicate that the tide just might be turning.  May be.  At least a little bit….  Randy Hillier has announced his bid for leadership of the Ontario Progressive Conservative party!

Randy Hillier is not all that well known on the internationals scene.  Yet, in the Ottawa valley, he’s a bit of a hero.

As a co-founder of the Lanark Landowner’s Association, he has fought to bring Canadians property rights:  the Canadian constitution intentionally excludes all property rights.

In 2007, he won a seat in the Ontario legislature as a Conservative.  Today, he has announced that he will run for the leadership of the Ontario Progressive Conservative party – AND, he announced some of the things he would stand for:

‘Hiller says as leader he would abolish the Ontario Human Rights Commission, force Ontario to elect its federal Senators and introduce a bill allowing workers to opt out of unions or representative groups. He gave the example of physicians, who he says are compelled to join the Ontario Medical Association.’

This is most awesome!!!  In a radio interview, he said he is the ‘pro-freedom candidate’.

From his website, this is what his solution to the Ontario Human Rights Commission would  be:

‘As Premier, Randy Hillier will introduce legislation to place violations of Human Rights in REAL courts where civil rights and due process are not ignored. Human Rights Commissions will become redundant and will be eliminated.

Regular rules of court procedure would apply including burden of proof being placed upon the complainant. If the complainant is able to prove their claim through the provincial court system then the defendant would be subject to a fine levied by the court as well as the legal fees of the complainant. This approach will restrict frivolous complaints while allow true cases of discrimination to be pursued.’

In other words, if elected, he will  FIRE THEM ALL!!!

And that is just the tip of the iceberg…

This makes me hopeful.  People are beginning to wake up to the real threats to our freedom we are facing these days!

Some of the most anti-freedom laws for controlling the internet are ‘being rethought’ (from New Zealand to  the EU).  It’s a tiny little bit, but it is a hopeful beginning!

And now, politicians are beginning to question the oppression by the quasi-judicial ‘Human Rights Commissions’ – and by the laws that force people to submit to unions or similar organizations which interfere between them and their employer.

Finally, a pro-freedom, against-big-government candidate for a major political party!  I sincerely hope he wins and that we will benefit from his reforms.   Yet, even if he does not win, the very fact that he is a serious contender for the leadership of the party will re-frame the debate.  It will bring the classical libertarian way of thinking to the forefront – and introduce people who never considered this way of thinking to it.  And, it will help to expose just how far from ‘the centre’ many of our ‘mainstream’ policies have become!

In other words, it will force the focus of the debate to be more pro-freedom, less pro-regulation and control.  And that can only be a good thing!