A glimpse at Ignatieff’s senior advisor

Warren Kinsella is an interesting figure in Canadian politics – especially these days.

He became  somewhat known when Paul Martin ended the Chretien reign over Canada:  most of us first heard his name when Judge Gomery’s enquiry into the ‘Sponsorship Scandal’, aka ‘Ad-Scam’, (where millions of taxpayer dosslars were channeled for ‘promotional work’ to some very specific ‘advertizing firms’), liberally used his name in the report, especially when he talked about ‘inappropriate behaviour’.  Yet, most people (the political junkies excepted) never bothered to remember his name – he was just a shadowy figure of the Chretien regime.

Needless to say, the Martin Liberals tried to distance themselves from Ad-Scam and any people tainted by it.  The rivalry between the ‘Chretien camp’ and ‘Martin camp’ was large and deep – and it ripped the Liberal Party of Canada (LPC) apart.  Though it happened years ago, some of the effects of this deep split are still shaping the internal politics of the LPC.

Mr. Kinsella dissappeared from the federal scene at about the time Mr. Martin’s people began to displace some of the Chretien loyalists – which, co-incidentally, is also when Mr. Martin began purging the LPC of any people tainted by several of the more serious Chretien-era scandals.  Mr. Kinsella was heard from only when criticizing the Martin Liberals.

Mr. Kinsella next reappeared on the Ontario provincial scene.  He got quite a bit of press attention when, as an advisor to the Ontario Liberals,  he suggested that Lisa MacLeod – who was running as a Conservative for a seat in the Ontario 2007 election – would be better off baking cookies…  How ‘liberated’ a view of women this guy has!

That was when his name became more widely known – at least, among Ontarians.

The Liberals won that election.  Though, I doubt that this was due to any strategizing by Mr. Kinsella.  Rather, it would be more accurate to say that the Conservatives lost the election – despite the Liberals and their record.  The Conservative leader, Mr. Tory, had demonstrated beyond any doubt that he is either too stupid or too corrupt to be a leader of Ontario.  Even I could not vote for any party headed by that bafoon – and I never will.

(Aside:  Mr. Tory failed to win his own seat in the 2007 election and is only now running in a by-election to win one.  I hope he looses, because if he wins, it will mean that the Ontario Liberals will continue their destructive reign.  And, as long as she continues to support Mr. Tory, I cannot, in good conscience, cast my vote in favour of my MPP, Lisa MacLeod… even though I rather like her otherwise!)

Now that Mr. Ignatieff (Iggy) has become the leader of the Liberal Party of Canada (LPC), it looks like some of the Chretien folks are back ‘in’.  This includes Mr. Kinsella, who is said to have been specifically selected to ‘run Mr. Ignatieff’s war room’.  Whatever the title of his position, Mr. Kinsella is said to be in a position of influence, that he ‘has Iggy’s ear’.

Either as part of his political life, or in a separate role, Mr. Kinsella has been very active in other ways, as well.  He has started his own blog. Unfortunatelly, his blog is a continuous source of embarassment to the LPC.  Not that long ago, Mr. Kinsella was forced to issue a SECOND appology – after the snarky tone of his first ‘apology’ created an international incident – for referring to Chinese food as ‘barbecued cat and rice’…

And, watching the ‘Question Period’ today (2nd of March, 2009), I just heard a question which implied that Mr. Kinsella had now criticized Native Canadians and their traditional way of life!  Is there no minority group in Canada safe from this man’s bigotry?

Yet, in my never-humble-opinion, Mr. Kinsella may have a skin too thin to happily survive in the blogosphere.  It is a bit of an open secret that Mr. Kinsella has a vendetta against Kathy Shaidle – the ‘grande dame’ of Canadian conservative blogosphere (whatever her faults may be – that is what she is).

Ms. Shaidle is everything Mr. Kinsella is not.

So, aside from the numerous lawfare actions Mr. Kinsella has taken against members of what he perceives as the conservative blogosphere, Mr. Kinsella has paid special attention to Ms. Shaidle.  So fierce is his pursual of her, one might wonder is he is a rejected suitor…

For example,when TVO’s star program, The Agenda with Steve Paikin had invited Ms. Shaidle to be a guest on their show regarding ‘The Atheist Bus Campaign’, Mr. Kinsella had greatly embarassed himself by sending emails which appear to contain threats against ‘The Agenda’ and Mr. Paikin should they fail to ‘uninvite’ Ms. Shaidle…

Another example:  when the Canadian Jewish Congress had recently invited Ms. Shaidle to participate in a tour of Israel (along with another blogger, Kate MacMillan), Mr. Kinsella has so publically opposed it, he has harmed his relationship with the CJC.  Blazing Catfur has the scoop on this one: and her sourses have, in the past, been highly reliable!

These are emails said to be between Mr. Kinsella and a member of the CJC (Bernie Farber is said to be copied on this email exchange).  These emails closely resemble Mr. Kinsella’s ’email style’ – and would appear to have some rather direct threats against the CJC should they ‘uninvite’ Ms. Shaidle and Ms. MacMillan from the proposed tour of Israel.  Powerful stuff!!!

I recommend that you read the email exchange yourself – here – and judge for yourself.

Explosive stuff!

Which begs the question:  Mr. Kinsella does not appear to use ‘veiled threats’ – or, very direct ones (he threatened to sue 2 Conservative MP’s in just the last week)…. so, exactly what DOES he know that is preventing the Ignatieff people from ridding themselves of this liability?

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