This one is for ‘Sammy’


3 Responses to “This one is for ‘Sammy’”

  1. sammy Says:

    Is lack of self awareness part of the aspergers, ro something unrelated entirely?

    Because, you see, it is not because you ask simple, neutral questions about Islam that makes you a revolting bigot…. it is teh fact that you actively promote state discrimination against Muslims. It would be an entirely more accurate video if the character walked up to the random person in the store and said: “Hi… can we talk about Muslism and how there are altogether too many of them currently existing? Here are some pamphlets I’m been handing out that support stripping Muslims of their freedom of religion and banning Muslims from immigrating. I also suggest you support that group of people over there that have occupied a private mosque in order to shut down their freedom fo speech. Oh and on a personal level, I think all people should have equal rights, blah, blah, blah. But seriously, we need to keep talking about Muslims some more and how they are inherently violent barbarians and there are too many of them alive…..”

    Xanthippa says:

    Please, read this and think about it, Sammy dear:

  2. sammy Says:

    Hey Xanthippa, please find a large pile and shit somewhere adn eat it. Bigot.

    Xanthippa says:

    Ah, I see you are following ‘the liberal’ script closely!

    Why are you so determined to turn yourself into a caricature?

    • CodeSlinger Says:

      He knows his only chance to bring people to his level is to insult them in hopes of making them too mad to think.

      Too bad it’s not working.

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