A ‘Czech-mate’ for the Lisbon Treaty?

If you are a political junkie, or somebody who values their freedom, you are familiar with ‘The Treaty of Lisbon‘.

If not, then, very briefly, here is the background:

The Lisbon Treaty is the constitution-type-document-thingie which would finally establish the EU as a legal, supranational political entity which can act independently.  Most EU countries have already ratified and signed the Lisbon Treaty (though the English opposition – if they gain power in the next election, plans to withdraw England’s support – if they can…), so the EU is already planning to act as a full legal entity, entering into international agreements on behalf of its member nations (read here ‘and no longer requiring their approval to do so’).

However, freedom-loving people – and people who care about children – have some serious problems with the Lisbon Treaty.  In no uncertain terms, the Treaty of Lisbon legalizes pedophilia.

Yes, pedophilia.

If the Lisbon Treaty is ratified, no person can be persecuted (and prosecuted) based on ‘sexual orientation’ – including the ‘sexual preference for raping children’.

Read it and weep – I did!

VictimlessCriminal explained it rather well in his video.

Whatever else may be contained in the Lisbon Treaty, its legalization of pedophilia disgusts me and makes the whole document, in my never-humble-opinion, bad, evil and every other negative term you’d like to attach to it.

Ireland has just ratified it:  the Irish people have allowed the promise of cash to sell out their kids, just like most other Europeans have already done.

There are still two holdouts:  the Polish and Czech president have steadfastly refused to sign.  There are rumors that the Polish president, Lech Kaczynski, will sign the Lisbon Treaty this coming Sunday (though, his brother claims the rumors are false).  As for the Czech President, Vaclav Klaus – well, the story gets more interesting.

President Klaus (author of ‘Blue Planet in Green Shackles’) has told the Swedish Swedish Prime Minister, Fredrik Reinfeldt, that he would sign – provided they agree to insert a footnote into the ‘Fundamental Rights’ section of the Treaty!

Of course, I hope it will be a footnote that prohibits pedophilia.

There is an awesome and insightful analysis of this (not the pedophilia bit – rather, the ‘political dancing’) from Lubos Motl of The Reference Frame:

I have always thought that the Czech president is a kind of an ingenious politician. He believes in great ideas and principles and he is courageous enough to defend them. However, as far as I understand, he’s also playing politics like chess and he’s often able to defeat seemingly stronger and more numerous foes.

I actually think that the footnote won’t be related to any particular Czech issue.

It will be more universal in its character, it will be somewhat innocent, and its content won’t matter much. I think that the point is that the footnote would have to be approved at least by the EU Council (and who knows, maybe even a new Irish referendum). But even an innocent footnote will split this group. Some of them will say “No way, Klaus has no right to add new delays or modify the treaty” while a few of them will say “Why not, it’s a great chance to pay a small price and put the treaty to life – and a president must surely have the right to add at least a footnote, as long as we’re a democracy.”

Of course, Klaus may also want to demand a non-trivial footnote that significantly changes the content or the validity of the treaty. Well, such things are usually not written in the footnotes. If this were the case, it would mean that Klaus is determined to fight against the treaty to the very end, in very transparent terms.

Interesting – especially considering, as Mr. Motl points out, that President Klaus is enjoying over 70% approval ratings in Czech.

Let’s hope the Czechs save the kids of all of Europe!

7 Responses to “A ‘Czech-mate’ for the Lisbon Treaty?”

  1. JR Says:

    Man, that EU is one giant can worms, isn’t it! It’s mind-boggling how these independent nations can hand their fates over to a collection of bureaucrats and lawyers. Once they’ve signed on they’ll have effectively volunteered to be political EUnuchs.

    If the pedophilia issue is as feared that’s bad enough on it’s own, but it’s probably just one of many more rotten unintended and, worse, intended consequences.

    I don’t know much about the EU agreement but presumably it has a criminal code built in. If so, one would think that pedophilia would be included as a crime as you’d think it would be for most of the individual European nations now. But what do I know?

    Xanthippa says:

    You speak the truth! And, I love the pun!!!

    The earlier versions of this Lisbon Treaty were very specific in removing pedophilia from ‘protected grounds’ for discrimination based on sexual orientation. This version, very specifically, does NOT remove it.

    Since each and every member state’s laws are only applicable if and only if they are congruent with the EU laws (EU laws over-rule them), no member nation can persecute and/or prosecute anyone because they raped a child. Rumor has it, the pedophilia clause was removed because of pressure from the Muslim lobby… I don’t know if this is true, nor do I particularly care who is behind this. It is also true that the lowest ‘age of consent’ is in the Vatican – 12 years.

    I just want kids to be able to grow up, without being molested. But, if Klaus caves, that is not going to be a reality for children in Europe!

  2. Federal Farmer Says:

    Vaclav Klaus wants his State to be exempt from the Charter of Fundamental Rights that is part of the “Lisbon” amendment to the EU’s basic law. More serious than his exploiting of the leverage he has in representing the only State that has not ratified the amendment, he is imposing his erroneous ideological view of the EU. According to Deutsche Welle, “A staunch euroskeptic, he opposes the treaty as a matter of principle, believing it yields too much sovereignty to the international bloc.” This, in short, is what is really going on here. (see: http://soozah.wordpress.com/2009/10/10/not-exactly-santa-klaus/)

    Xanthippa says:
    We do NOT know that for a fact – he has not revealed his intentions yet.

    Of course, being exempt from the flawed, corrupted and, in my opinion, evil ‘Treaty of Lisbon’ would be a GOOD thing. I am just hoping Klaus is strong enough to protect all the children of Europe, not just the Czech ones.

    As far as eroding national sovereignity – Klaus is 100% correct. It does. That is not in dispute. The only thing in dispute is if this is a good thing or a bad one.

    P.S. Your link did not work for me – please, re-list the link, if possible.

  3. The LS from SK Says:

    X – Klaus wants exceptions not based upon any desire to save the children but more out of fear that if they sign on – ex-Germans expelled from that area expelled after WWll will be able to file for compensation.


    Xanthippa says:

    That, too, is a valid reason. And, if it helps protect the children of Europe in the process, so much the better!

    Perhaps I am a bit of an existentialist, but, as far as I am concerned, it is the action, not the thought, that counts!

  4. The LS from SK Says:

    All is not as well as Motl points out:


    In terms of the EU – far better off if it becomes the United Nations/States of the EU. Strength in numbers and the bureaucracy will, of course have to be trimed down but these are just growing pains.

    The UK has always been the outsider and cannot decide what it really wants to do. It is the only country within the EU that has both the Imperial and Metric system operating at the same time.

    Their failure to adopt the EURO has cost their industries dearly and most UK Car plants have moved either to China, France or Ireland. The simple economics of converting from 1 currency to another and the fees that go along with it doomed their competitiveness which, given their labour unions and poor quality made everyone afraid to invest.

    Ford and GM did and left with huge losses. The EU firms like VW and BMW picked and chose and have made huge successes of limited products like the Mini.

    Xanthippa says:

    Your comment would be true if the EU actually was what it was originally conceived of – what it was supposed to be.

    It was created to be a ‘free-trade-sone’, so that the European countries would be able to compete against the NA free trade zone, etc. And that was an awesome thing – which is why so many countries were eager to join it.

    That is NOT what the current EU has morphed into. It is a fascist organization run by the likes of Jennifer Lynch and Barbara Hall. It is oppressive and does not tolerate diversity of opinion and is actively attempting to stifle freedom of the press.

    The Treaty of Lisbon goes way beyond an economic union: it is the establishment of an actual political entity which strips many powers away from the sovereign national governments and usurps that power for itself.

    Today’s EU is not the EU that was ‘supposed to be’.

  5. The LS from SK Says:

    But X – even the Czech Houses of Parliament do not agree with him:

    “Czech parliament seeks EU input to budge Klaus on Lisbon Treaty

    The Czech parliament said it will discuss with other European Union member-states how to overcome the intransigence of President Vaclav Klaus, who has refused to sign the Lisbon Treaty despite the fact it has been signed by both houses of the Czech parliament as well as every other nation of the European Union. Klaus says the Czech Republic cannot ratify the treaty without an opt-out clause to prevent Germans expelled from the Czech region during World War II from making claims against Czech property. The Independent (London)/Reuters (10/13)

    Xanthippa says:

    The Czech constitution works a little differently – so that impeaching Klaus if he refuses to sign is somewhat far fetched. The way it works in Czech is that by passing something, the parliament gives the President PERMISSION to sign it into law. Unlike the Canadian system, where the GG does not have practical power, the position of President does have more teeth in the Czech system of parliament.

    Just because you have the permission to do something does not imply you have to do it. It may be presumed that you do, but you are not compelled to do so. Therefore, by passing through the Houses of Parliament, Klaus gained permission to sign the Treaty of Lisbon on behalf of the Czech Republic.

    Theoretically, he is not obligated to act on that permission.

    In addition, the Czech Parliament is currently at an all-time low approval among voters – somewhere below 20%, according to the latest polls I saw….while Klaus has an approval rating of over 76%. In other words, more than 3/4 Czechs are backing Klaus in his non-signing of the treaty. Being a democracy, that does give him a lot more room to stretch the envelope.

    Not only does he have a high approval rating among the Czechs, many Europeans whose governments signed the Treaty of Lisbon without holding a referendum on it (because the government feared that it could never pass the referendum) are increasingly vocal in their opposition to this ill-advised piece of legislation and the populous support for Klaus is rising among them. They are hailing him the saviour of Europe…. which also gives him ‘wiggle room’.

    It’ll be something interesting to watch. The Reference Frame has more on it today, if I am not mistaken.

  6. The LS from SK Says:

    I have some sympathy with him OBVIOUSLY. I get exceptionally treated in Praque but that does not I agree with his intransiance.

    All other EU countries and those outside such as Isreal have agreed to return or consider their return to rightful owners – as possessions, art and homes.

    France just returned Art from the Louvre, Italy a Sentinal from in front of FAO in Rome, and on it goes. Because the borders of that area changed so often over centuries – well occupation might not mean 9 points of international law.

    Ask the Palestinians!

    Time for reconciliation is well past.

    Xanthippa says:

    Ah! You do not know the history of Sudetenland!!!

    Bohemia and Moravia had been ‘conquered land’ for the Germans/Austrians for a few centuries.

    After WWI, when Czechoslovakia became a Republic, the areas which bordered Austria and Germany had a sizable German minority. This German minority never accepted Czechs as equals and treated them still as ‘servant nation’ and ‘not fully humans’. The Czechs feared attack from Germany and Austria, so the major national defense systems were built along the German and Austrian borders.

    Prior to the start of WWII, the rest of the world sold the out Czechs to Hitler. In steps. First, Hitler’s provocateurs from among the German minorities living close to the German/Austrian borders began terrorist attacks against the civilian populations around them. When these terrorists were caught and brought to justice, they cried ‘discrimination – Hitler, come protect us’. So, he did! And, he usurped the ‘Sudetenland’ for the German minority living there. These were the very areas where the military defenses were built: by annexing them, Hitler effectively rendered Czechs defenseless. Then he took over the rest of Czech: the ‘Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia’ – because at this point in time, Czech was technologically more advanced than any other country, including Britain, France and Germany. And, Hitler wanted this technology and industry to build up his army.

    Many Czech nationals were exterminated and their property ‘rightly’ given to the ‘Sudetans’ (sorry, don’t know the proper English term) – a group of people of German or Czech/German descent who aspired to their ‘Aryan superiority’ over all other nations. During WWII, these people – especially those of mixed heritage – tried so hard to prove they were ‘more Aryan than Czech’ that they were committing horrible atrocities against the civilian population, just to prove they were ‘German enough’…

    When WWII was over, Czech President Benes made a decree that in the name of national security, all these ‘Sudetans’ were excommunicated from Czechoslovakia. They had some short amount of time to gather their possessions together, and leave the country for ever.

    Their houses, farms and so on were then returned to the people (or, as most of these did not survive, to their heirs or some distant relatives) whom they were originally stolen from. But, there was more – some of the land, houses and so on which had been owned by these ‘Sudetans’ had been their legal property prior to WWII. Still, by not being able to sell it prior to their excommunication, according to the Benes proclamation (now I cannot recall if it was a decree or proclamation…..sorry, my history is a bit rusty here) they lost all claim to that property. This was then given to the victims of the Nazis….according to some nebulous ‘suffering’ formula. For example, if you had had a small business before the war, and got sent into a concentration camp, and you survived – but your business or farm was now gone (run to the ground, bombed out or ‘legally sold’ to someone else – you would have been high up on the list to get ‘abandoned Sudetan’ house or farm.

    Many of these have since been legally sold to other people, often subdivided with a suburb being built on the land, and so on…

    The Sudetans, many of whom moved to Bavaria, are – more than 60 years later – demanding that ‘their property’ be returned to them.

    Do you really think that opening this legal ‘can of worms’ would be a good thing? A ‘just’ thing? A ‘returning’ of property to their ‘rightful owners’???

  7. Steynian 390 « Free Canuckistan! Says:

    […] EUROCRACY– A ‘Czech-mate’ for the Lisbon Treaty?; Brussels threatens Václav Klaus and the Czech […]

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