Race, religion and gender: the new apartheid in Ontario’s Education System

This issue has me so angry, I apologize ahead of time for the inevitably undisciplined rant I am about to unleash on you!


Because MY Canada is colour-blind, when it comes to race!

MY Canada is gender-blind, when it comes to sexism!

AND – MY Canada is all inclusive, when it comes to children!!!

And, in my Canada, religious affiliation is irrelevant when it comes to judging a person’s record as a human being!   Thank you very much!

During the last Ontario election, I could not bring myself to vote for the Conservatives….  Their leader, John Tory, proposed a public education system which was fully segregated on the basis of religion!!!

The very suggestion that a child’s religion – or any other ‘protected grounds’, as per our Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, ought to determine what school that child may or may not attend is so offensive and un-Canadian that it makes me see red!

The Conservatives lost that election:  and rightly so!!!

Aside:  Of course, before the election, I emailed my local Conservative candidate (now my MPP – Member of Provincial Parliament), Lisa MacLeod, asking her if she was indeed in favour of religious apartheid in our schools.  I still have her reply:  it angered me to no end to read that if her leader said so, she totally backed it…  (Perhaps this is the source of my dissatisfaction with my MPP – the ‘first impression’ she made on me, is rooted in this blatant sell-out of our most cherished freedoms, taking our precious children and sorting them by the accident of their birth!  I cannot trust anyone who would sacrifice our children to a doctrine or political party policy!)

And now, the Liberal Premier, Dalton McGuinty, is planning to segregate our schools by sex!  You know, like they do in Saudi Arabia!!!

OK – I need to calm down.  Perhaps it’s ‘definition time’:


Any policy or practice of separating or segregating groups.

A policy or practice of separating or segregating groups.

Separation, segregation <cultural apartheid> <gender apartheid>

A policy or practice of separating or segregating groups.

Do I need to go on?

Yes.  Ever since the British North American Act, there has been a religious apartheid in Ontario’s education:  one system for the Catholics, another for the Protestants.  Still, over the years, the ‘Protestant’ system has morphed and become secularized, separating the State from the Religion and keeping it out of the classroom.  The story is quite different when it comes to the Catholic system:  it has become known in Ontario as the SS – Separate Schools!

In my never-humble-opinion, the initials tell the story.  The very first public protest/demonstration I ever participated in was to protest the existence of the SS in our schooling!

Even the corrupt UN had recognized – and ruled – that the SS system in Ontario was in breech of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Freedoms.

Predictably, the people of Ontario would not be complicit in this enslavement of our kids to their parent’s religious heritage.  The Liberals did not ‘win’ the election – as unbelievable it was that the universally reviled Dalton McGuinty could be re-elected, the Conservatives carefully and systematically LOST IT!

So, now, Dalton McGuinty (whose kids attend SS schools, and whose wife was a teacher in this corrupt system where government-funded religious indoctrination pollutes the minds of our children) is in power.  Complete control.  And, in no uncertain terms, he is instituting apartheid in our schools!  Apartheid of HIS own choosing!!!

Yes, he is very clear:  religious apartheid has no part in his plan.  That is how the Conservatives LOST EVERYTHING!!!

Instead, on his ‘watch’, we have seen the institution of religious apartheid in at least one school – a ‘pilot project’.

More like a ‘Pilate project!”

Unfortunately -yes.

Our school system now has – and enforces, as its ‘core policy’ – racial apartheid!!!

Here, in Ontario!

I wonder what would people like Martin Luther King, Jr. say about this policy of ‘Equal, but separate‘!!!

But, that is not evil enough for Black Boss McGuinty!

Now, he has decided that sexual segregation ought to become the norm in our schools!!!

OK – I had better stop now – I am just so angry, I cannot put a coherent sentence together.  Let me just say:  fixing our broken school system – but for boys only – is so evil, I don’t know where to start my chain of insults!!!  Sorry.

Still …

A person’s a person – no matter how small!!!

Or, how female!!!

5 Responses to “Race, religion and gender: the new apartheid in Ontario’s Education System”

  1. CodeSlinger Says:


    You write “… fixing our broken school system – but for boys only – is so evil …”

    I would agree, except for one thing: the school system is broken for boys only!

    Everything about our schools system caters to girls and their ways of being and learning, while everything that might interest or motivate boys has been systematically excised.

    And that is what needs fixing. Urgently!

    I know you know this… I guess when your blood stops boiling, you will remember that you know it…

    Boys are the ones we must stop discriminating against.

    In this political climate, maybe the only way to do that is to give them their own schools free of feminist control!

    Unless you can suggest a workable alternative…?

    Xanthippa says:
    Well, actually….

    To say that the school system is broken for boys only is a generalization. Over-generalization. To the point of error.

    ALL of our school system is broken.

    It is more VISIBLE when one looks at statistics for BOYS, because of the WAY it is broken. BUT, it is certainly rotten to the core.

    Now, I must take an extremely strong exception to something you say: “Everything about our schools system caters to girls and their ways of being and learning”

    That is NOT true!

    Our system caters to teachers. NOT students: male or female.

    Because the majority of teachers are feminist collectivists who permit their unions to infuse the classroom with their dream of world socialism, this system is slowly turning from an institution of learning into an institution of political indoctrination. THAT is why it is so rotten. And permitting half our population to be brainwashed – saving only the boys – well that is just not very nice!

    As per ‘girls ways of being and learning’: that is an oversimplification. I’ll continue later….

  2. CodeSlinger Says:

    I grant you that the teachers’ unions say and do a lot of self-serving things, mostly to the detriment of students. So, even though their explicitly stated intent is to do everything possible to promote and cater to girls, schooling is indeed sub-optimal for girls.

    But it is outright hostile to boys!

    We urgently need to shield boys from the depredations inflicted by the female-supremist apparatchiks who run the school system. As long as they remain, doing less than they could for the girls, they will persist in deliberately damaging the boys as much as they can. But there is no practical way to purge these male-haters out of the system anytime soon.

    You see the problem.

    If you can’t get these destroyers of boys out of the schools, then the next best solution is to move the boys to some less harmful place. Where you don’t hire feminazis in the first place. The resulting vastly improved outcomes for boys will disprove the false claims of the womyn and their cronies, and thus make it possible to remove them from the rest of the school system, once and for all.

    My only concern about this is that it tends to reinforce the Islamization of Canada.

    But sad to say, this may be the lesser evil, compared to the damage done by feminism and cultural Marxism.

    Xanthippa says:

    I know I have been very long in answering. And, the problem IS cultural marxism in the classrooms, the current incarnation of which is particularly toxic to ‘boys’.

    And, I have discarded about 5-6 drafts for full-length posts, trying to formulate my position on this…discarded them all for being too ‘strong’ and, perhaps, somewhat extreme….

    Still, let me ask you a question: when, in human history, has ‘segregation’ not been merely ‘the prelude’ to serious discrimination?

  3. CodeSlinger Says:

    When is segregation not a prelude to discrimination?

    When the discrimination is already entrenched.

    Like it is today, in the West.

    Serious discrimination.

    Against males.

    Xanthippa says:

    Yes, males are being discriminated against in our society. But, it is nowhere near as oppressive as it will get, especially if we permit boys to be segregated from an early age ‘because they cannot handle normal schooling’….

    The males currently ‘fastracked for the top’ in our education system are the worst, most toxic substance possible for young males. And these will be the people who will be in charge of the ‘dumbing down’ of ‘boys’ education’ – you know, giving them more breaks and concentrating on banging rocks together and swinging clubs around instead of teaching them ‘academic’ stuff which is ‘way beyond’ their attention spans…

    Yes, there are AWESOME male teachers. Ones who would be EXCELLENT role models.

    But – and I have seen this first hand – they are NOT well regarded in the current education system. Their promotions are not likely. They will not be able to teach the way they wish – if anything, their hands will be even more tied. It is the toxic anti-male males who will run the show.

    This change will be negative – harmful – bad – sorry, I have a fever right now and can’t think of bad-yet-descriptive terms here, so please, insert your own.


    …when I asked if you can think of any time in history when segregation did not lead to really, really bad things – something you did not answer – it is implied that discrimination against that group already existed within the society.

    After all, if the group were not already discriminated against, if the public perception of this group did not already see it as inferior in some way, there would not be a social acceptance of their segregation in the first place. Yes, at different times, in different places, the phrasing was different. Sometimes, the hostility was closer to the surface than at others, where the segregation was said to be instituted in order to ‘protect’ the target group.

    Yes, our education system is broken.

    Yes, it is especially toxic to young males. I know – I have two sons in school.

    BUT – segregation is not the answer. EVER.

    It would NOT protect our sons.

    To the contrary – it would be a tool which would increasingly marginalize them.

    Have no illusion: the society would go from discriminating against males towards actively oppressing them. (Unless, of course, they were members of a ‘protected minority’ – which would mean that these would be the only males who would have a voice in our society…)

    Not a future I wish for my sons!

  4. CodeSlinger Says:


    When I hear “boys’ school,” I think of a place like St. George’s School for Boys in Vancouver, BC. It is one of the finest schools in Canada. But perhaps the main reason is that St. George’s is a private school. It’s hard to imagine a place like that being run by the government.

    Nonetheless, that’s what I thought was being proposed. Of course, now that you point out what should have been obvious to me, if the wrong people got control of a place like that, they could make it into a psychological slaughterhouse – a place that turns out brain dead castrati.

    So now the question becomes: who is proposing these boys’ schools and how are they planning to operate them? In particular, who are Chris Spence, David Booth and Eric Walters? What are their ideological leanings, and what did they write in their book, The Joys of Teaching Boys?

    So far, I haven’t been able to find much information, except this article in the Globe and Mail: Toronto board pushes for ‘boy-friendly’ school. What I read there doesn’t sound alarming, but there isn’t enough detail to allow any conclusions to be drawn. It does lead to another question though: where can we get our hands on the so-called “sweeping vision document” Spence presented to the Toronto School Board?

  5. Segregating boys in schools will do more harm than good « Xanthippa's Chamberpot Says:

    […]  One of my wisest readers/commenters, CodeSlinger, thought it might be and said so in the comments.  And, we also exchanged a few lively emails on the topic, too… because, frankly, I think […]

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