P.S. to ‘Winning back our liberty: the ‘commercial’ threat’

In this post, I quoted John Perry Barlow, who warned us that the greatest threat to our freedom of speech in the future will come from corporations ‘protecting’ their IP, and individual’s freedoms ‘be damned’.  And, I do think he is correct.

Because we have seen ‘states/governments’ strip its citizens of rights and freedoms, we are ‘sensitive’ to the threats to our liberties which come from that direction.  OK, not ‘sensitive enough’ as a society… What I mean is, those within our society who are looking out for our rights and freedoms in order to preserve our liberties are used to watching the state/government and firmly regard it as the biggest threat.

And, that threat is very, very real – and, we discuss it a lot, oppose the encroachment on our rights – as we should!

But, the very people who are vigilant of the state/government creeping oppression seem deaf and blind when it comes to corporations using ‘commercial laws’ to forward their interests at the cost our liberties….

There were two things I should have included, but did not.

The first is Michael Geist‘s movie, ‘Why Copyright? Canadian Voices on Copyright Law’, in which this law professor explains the real-life implications of the draconian ‘digital copyright’ laws these days…

The second is this little news story which Dvorak Uncensored highlighted while I was working on my original post:

Vice President Joe Biden holds a roundtable discussion today with “all stakeholders” on enforcing copyright in a changing digital world. Invited—MPAA, RIAA, movie studios, music labels, publishers, the FBI, the Secret Service, and Homeland Security. Not invited—everyone else.

“We were extremely disappointed to learn of the White House meeting to be held later today on the issue of intellectual property and ‘piracy,” said PK’s Gigi Sohn. “It is unclear why three cabinet officers, several subcabinet officers, the directors of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the U.S. Secret Service are needed to tend to the worries of the big media companies, particularly the motion picture industry which is completing a year in which it will set box-office records.

It is difficult to explain just how serious this situation is becoming without sounding like a ‘conspiracy nut’.

Now, don’t get me wrong – I LOVE conspiracy theories! They are truly FUN!   I just don’t buy into them – not as ‘description of reality’…at least, not most of them.

But, we do need to educate ourselves about ALL the treats to our liberties.

…this is just the tip of the iceberg…

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