Canadian Government shuts down blogs – without warrant!

All right, this is bad, no matter how you look at it.

‘Canadian Government’ did not like the content of 2 blogs/websites.

A bureaucrat from the Canadian Government wrote a letter to the ISP, demanding the blogs/websitesibe shut down.

The ISP not only shut down the blogs/websites right away – no warrant, no court order, no proper procedure – without notifying them first, it took out another 4,500 ones along with the two ‘offending’ ones!


Who the hell do these bureaucrats think they are?

Are the elected politicians aware of this fascism?  (Collusion between big government and business which infringes the rights of everyone else is ‘fascism’ by definition.  Just ask Prime Minister Harper!)

If you read my blog every now and then – especially during November and early December 2009 – you will probably be aware that I do not support the IPCC warm-mongers, that I have worked to expose how they falsified the data and to explain what they did and what it means, that I am appalled by their perversion of the scientific method and destruction of the peer-review-process….(I could rant on and on).  And, I don’t like the fraud-inviting cap-and-trade scheme being forced on the whole world by imposing a world-government that we, in the West, would be forced to pay for and which would actively prevent the ‘developing world’ from developing….

Nor do I look kindly at ‘spoofs’ that pretend to come from a Government Department – they are not funny and, in-my-never-humble-opinion, are actively counter-productive.

This self-described ‘culture jamming activists’ protest group, ‘Yes Men’, is nothing more than a bunch of dumb-asses, taken in by obvious half-truths and more interested in the publicity which their stunts will generate them than in taking the time to learn the science which underlies the issues.  In other words, I think they are silly bunnies who turned themselves into publicity hounds.

So, while I condemn their methods, I also reject their message…


That does NOT mean that I will stand by and do nothing as their voices are silenced!

The Canadian Government did not seek an injunction against these clowns.

They were not charged with fraud.

No judge issued a warrant to suspend their website or blog or whatever other means of online communication they happened to be using.


A bureaucrat wrote a letter to a business – and together, they deprived the citizens of the legal service the citizens had paid for, which, in this case, is the platform for those citizens to exercise freedom of speech!

That is SO UNACCEPTABLE, I am having trouble finding polite words to express the depth of my anger!  …and, fear.

Because if the government can get away with shutting down the voices of idiots it disagrees with, I am likely going to be next!

We must all stand up and tell our government that they have seriously erred in trying to shut up voices it does not like.  Then, they compounded this by circumventing the proper procedures, which permit it to protect itself from fraud or other illegal acts without arbitrarily stripping people of their rights and freedoms.

We must all speak up and shout as loudly as we can – until we are heard – that a government colluding with a business to deprive people of their rights and freedoms without due process of the law is SIMPLY NOT ACCEPTABLE!!!