Instead of posting lately….

Sorry about the lack of new posts recently…

Aside from my difficulties getting to a computer that would work with me (now thankfully solved!) and the social obligations which come with this time of year (and leave me too brain-numb to write anything useful), I have also been having conversations in the comments, especially on the last few posts.

Now, I am torn:  I wanted to write more on the connections between the corporate/commercial threats to our rights and freedoms and the international ones….until I saw Ezra Levant’s ‘Christmas Post’ about ‘putting Christ back into Christmas’.  I admit, my blood-pressure went through the roof and I was too keyed up to write coherently for hours….so, perhaps, I ought to address the threat from ‘the religious right’.

This threat is real and mutifaceted – and if I don’t phrase things just right, it will come off as religion-bashing instead of the real and legitimate concerns which many freedom-loving people have from this direction (without and within the pro-freedom movement).

Either way I go, it will take me a while to finish, as I am a slow thinker and even slower writer… please, forgive me!

May be I’ll just rant on about an upstart young religion re-naming an ancient ritual after their own God absorbing its customs and traditions into its own, and then claiming that since the holiday has their G since it’s got this name, it must be about only its deity….  But, that would not be very ‘Christmasy’, would it?