“I trust in free speech to expose your sorry ass!”

Thunderf00t, like ZOMGitsCriss, is a free speech advocate on the internet (specifically, YouTube).  He is a scientist with a mostly left-wing political bend….but, what he says about the freedom of speech is something I definitely agree with.

It is only when people from all bits of the political spectrum will agree to unite in the fight to preserve our fundamental rights and freedoms that we can ever hope to succeed…  So, let’s start building some bridges:  I am sure that you can agree with what the spirit of what Thunderf00t says in “Is Islam a Hate-Crime?’.

One Response to ““I trust in free speech to expose your sorry ass!””

  1. jonolan Says:

    Islam is more of a contagious and incurable plague than a crime. It should be dealt with in that manner and its adherents should be treated in the same way that societies treat all disease-bearing vermin.

    Xanthippa says:

    Ah, but what do you really think…

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