Thunderf00t: ‘Tolerance’ and the ‘Ground Zero Mosque’

This is brilliant!

I love Thunderf00t’s videos – OK, most of Thunderfoot’s videos.

He is really intelligent and articulate.  And, he has a large following of really intelligent and  articulate people who watch his videos on YouTube.  His YouTube -and, I am sure, non-online achievements (he is, after all, a scientist) – have earned him the opportunity to interview Richard Dawkins.

Disclosure:  I like Thunderf00t and what he says WAY more than I like Richard Dawkins and his message.   Still, we are talking ‘celebrity access’ here – earned in the best way possible.

Which is why I was happy to see Thunderf00t post a video about ‘Tolerance and the ‘Ground Zero Mosque’.

What made me even happier was to see that he had felt obliged to put up ‘Part 2’ to it – so many of those who love and respect Thunderf00t (and follow him in his fight for freedom of speech) simply missed the salient and important points in the original video.  OK – it’s not that they ‘missed’ the point that is so great:  what IS awesome is that someone as intelligent and eloquent as Thunderf00t explained it to them.

It is this explanation that completely and clearly explains the reasoning behind the opposition to this ‘we-have-conquered-America’ landmark which is something every single person who thinks (or says – those are not necessarily congruent) that those who are opposeing the ‘Ground Zero Mosque’ are intolerant bigots or some such thing ought to see and listen – really listen – to!

First, the original message:

And then, the explanation:

If you still have any questions, ask yourself:  what would George Carlin say?

6 Responses to “Thunderf00t: ‘Tolerance’ and the ‘Ground Zero Mosque’”

  1. CodeSlinger Says:


    Thunderf00t explained it perfectly well the first time. Sadly, I think the second video is a waste of time. But not through any fault of Thunderf00t.

    There are those who get it, and those who don’t. Those who get it, get it immediately, on a gut level. The meaning of this mosque is as obvious as the meaning of dog piss on a tree trunk.

    Those who don’t get it, won’t ever get it. Because the can’t. These are people who are pushed so far up into their heads they can hear a dog bark and have no idea whether it’s happy to see them or wants to rip their heads off.

    They simply lack the ability to perceive realities of that kind.

  2. Was the ‘Koran-burning preacher’ Terry Jones duped by the moderate imam Musri? « Xanthippa's Chamberpot Says:

    […] we have the ‘Ground Zero Mosque’.  And, yes – the undercarriage of one of the airplanes that hit ‘The Towers’ on […]

  3. Mal Says:

    Seriously flawed arguments from those opposed to the “Ground Zero Mosque”. You are aware are you not that the twin towers contained mosques are you not? As to the argument re Islam being intolerant – as an atheist having read quite a few ‘holy’ texts of a number of religions, I am yet to find a religion that is – though there probably is some religious sect out there that is. I’ll defend to the death your right to call out religions as intolerant, but do not accept your underlying assumption that because all Muslims bow towards Mecca this makes them all intolerant. Also as an atheist I am sick to death of atheists aping the talking points of the Christian far right in the US. It’s a disgrace that a scientist like Dawkins endorses the poorly researched rants of a bigot like Pat Condell.

    Xanthippa says:

    Have you studied Islam?

    Actually studied it?

    I have. Hence, my conclusions.

    Not all Muslims are intolerant: Islam, however, is.

    Islam demands of its adherents to be intolerant of other religions and non-believers. It is one of its core values, commanded in the Koran.

    There are some tolerant Muslims who would like to change this (my favourite cousin happens to be one) – but they are a minority and are themselves being oppressed by the majority which considers intolerance towards non-Muslims to be one of their divinely commanded duties, like praying.

    Pretending this is not so is not just idiotic, it is dangerous.

  4. Mal Says:

    “Have you studied Islam? Actually studied it?” Really – under what circumstances have you studied it? Comparative religion at university? A reading of translations of the Koran? Or more authentically, an Arabic reading of the Koran? Why should I take your (stated but certainly not proven) study of Islam as any more rigorous than my own?
    It can pretty safely be said that all major religions damn non-believers in their religious texts. Islam is no different – and I would argue – no worse. Fundamentalists of all stripes attack and kill people. I believe fundamentalism in any religion or cause to be the enemy of reason.

    Xanthippa says:

    Comparative religion studies (specializing on sociology and anthropology of religions – how specific cultural practices are reflected in religious beliefs that arise within a given culture and how this creates a feedback loop through which the religious beliefs affect the social evolution of that society) at University. But, I have not neglected learning about the religion from Muslims, including at a Mosque.

    I have read various translations of Koran, from scholarly to Saudi-approved, and have worked through some specific bits of the original in Arabic.

    I fully agree with you that all forms of fundamentalism – though I would include religious and secular fundamentalism – are dengerous and destructive. And, I condemn them all, point out their dangers and, frankly, ridiculousness. Where I differ from most North American atheists is that I do not leave Islam off the list…

    I do not ask you to take my word for anything. Please, do the research yourself. A blog is a forum for opinions – I freely offer mine, in the hope that it will lead others to think about issues and become interested in learning the background material on their own.

  5. Mal Says:

    Further, what study or studies do you go to find this assertion – “But they are a minority and are themselves being oppressed by the majority which considers intolerance towards non-Muslims to be one of their divinely commanded duties, like praying.” Your own? Mere assertion. And it in no way absolves you of your obvious intolerance of the very moderate muslims who wish to build a community centre in New York. The satirical Tea Party Dummies have addressed this in one of their videos – which basically says that you would have to be an idiot to believe that Imam Rauf is a radical cleric. The truth is that he would be condemned to death by the radical Islamists you confuse him with.

    Xanthippa says:

    Are you serious?

    With all the information freely available, the links easily searchable, you really are unaware of the oppression of moderate Muslims by the more radical elements? Have you been living on this planet?

    And you consider Rauf to be a ‘moderate’?


    If you truly mean this, please, educate yourself. Otherwise, please, stop trolling.

  6. Mal Says:

    I love the way bloggers accuse anybody who holds a different opinion of “trolling”. Your answer confirms my opinion.

    Xanthippa says:

    I did not accuse you of trolling: I said that I could not distinguish whether you were truly so deeply uninformed or trolling!

    If you are honestly not trolling, then I invite you to become educated on the topic. If you don’t know where to start, I am willing to help you (and this is not a flippant statement but a genuine offer).

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