McGuinty tax protest: 28th of August, 2010

Where:  Premier Dalton McGinty’s Ottawa office at 1795 Infanticide Kilborn Ave.

When:  Saturday, 28th of August, 2010, 12 noon to 2 pm

17th of July, 2010, several hundred highly disgruntled Ontario taxpayers showed up at Premier Dalton McGuinty’s Ottawa office to show their displeasure (to put it mildly) at the illegal taxes which Premier McGuinty permitted an unelected board made up of industry members to levy directly on the Ontarians.

Two brave and energetic ladies organized this protest:  Debbie Jodoin and Shirley Mosley.  There were a few print media guys, but the only video was shot by ‘people’, not the media.  I took some photos at the protest, posted here and here.

The protest was part of a greater wave of dissatisfaction with Dalton McGuinty’s disrespectful conduct towards the Ontario Taxpayers – and it was successful.   Debbie and Shirley lead the vocal Ottawa faction of citizens whose patience with Mr. McGuinty’s antics had run out to another protest on August 7th, this time held in front of another (in my never-humble-opinion) crooked Ottawa politician’s office – Bob Chiarelli, who is currently McGuinty’s Minister of Communications (and, I suspect, the sleaziest, most despicable, most contemptible person in Ottawa – but my reasons for thinking this are secrets which are not mine to reveal, no matter how much I am itching to).

This second protest attracted greater attention:  more media coverage (though, most TV cameras showed up early and left before most of the protesters arrived) as well as more politicians showed up, from Lisa McLeod to many candidates for the Ottawa Council.  Even a young man who ran out of power (of the battery kind) came all the way from Premier McGuinty’s office to monitor and report.

Also spotted among the protesters were some card-carrying members of the Liberal Party (recognized by some of their neighbours who also attended):  it seems that it is not just people who would be unlikely to vote for McGuinty, but also people who make up  the core of his voters are getting fed up with McGuinty’s policies of treating Ontarians with contempt.

Curiously, unlike the first protest, the second one had no visible police presence.

Photos from the August 7th protest are here, here and here.

I have also taken the opportunity to muse on the topic – even if only ‘theoretically’.  My post wondering if governments have the ‘right’ to collect taxes forcibly (as opposed to voluntary) has sparked perhaps the longest and deepest ‘comment section’ of any of my posts so far.  And, I have posted a story about a man who refused to submit himself to serfdom – hoping to illustrate some of the similarities between robota – ‘serfdom’ – and the current system of mandatory taxes, where governments have usurped unto themselves the right to suspend civil liberties when it comes to collecting taxes…

The next demonstration will take place this coming Saturday, August 28th, from noon to 2 pm at Premier McGuinty’s constituency office.  Circumstances permitting, I plan to be there.  And, I’ll let you know how it went – perhaps even post some photos.

If you are going to be in the Ottawa area this Saturday, I hope to see you there!