Photos from August 28th at Dalton McGuinty’s constituency office – part 1

Short and sweet – here are the photos.

Debbie Jodoin, one of the two powerhouses behind this protest, had quite an announcement:  She is so angry, she will seek the Conservative nomination to run AGAINST Dalton McGuinty in the next provincial election!

There is more:  Dalton McGuinty is aware that she is seeking the nomination to run against him in his riding.  Perhaps this is unrelated, perhaps not…but, Dalton McGuinty’s EA had sent Ms. Jodoin an email one day before the protest – and to her place of employment, none the less – attempting to intimidate her!

Also, Dalton McGuinty’s lackey clearly stated in the email that ‘freedom of speech’ is a PRIVILEGE she ought not abuse!!! I’ll be making a separate post dedicated to this email, including its full text as soon as I can get it written up.

Shirley Mosley reminded us that three of Dalton McGuinty’s most trusted Ministers are now seeking office in Municipal elections….and that unlike the Ottawa race, Torontonians are not buying ‘Diaper-head’ Slitherman’s bullcrap:

Bart, a WWII veteran who’s coming up to 95 years of age – and who does not like the way the McGuinty Gang are treating Ontario seniors.

Following his speech, Debbie thanked him, all our veterans – and all our members of the Armed Forces.  They have always fought for our rights and freedoms – it is about time we backed them up!

Sharon, from CFRA, also had a few thoughts about the McGuinty gang…  And, she took the local MPP’s to task for not showing up:  this was an abdication of their responsibilities!  The crowd agreed with her wholeheartedly!

Nick Vandergragt was an awesome speaker!

He, too thanked all our vets and the brave men and women of our armed forces:  he gets it!  He truly does!  More on his message later…

Even though the provincial politicians did not show up – shame on them all – many of the candidates for Ottawa municipal elections were present.

Even Harper MacKay was there, pressing licking flesh:

There is so much more to come in part 2.

(If you’d like to receive a higher resolution version of any of the photos – or some other photos taken at the protest today, please, comment on it and I’ll be happy to email them to you.)